Potted flowers nutrition soil

Potted Flowers Nutrition Soil and potted flowers must have sufficient nutrients, have good water, fertilizer, gas, heat and other properties, and can resist the breeding and mixing of harmful microorganisms and other harmful substances. Flower growers usually use dr

How to improve the utilization rate of fish and shrimp feed

The feed utilization rate refers to the ratio of the total amount of feed material and the weight gain of fish and shrimp during feeding. Simply put, it is "a few kilograms of feed is used for 1 kilogram of fish and shrimp." The smaller the ratio, the high

Export-type cultivation technology of leeks

In recent years, the Taiwanese species introduced in Taiwan is widely grown in Guangdong Province. Apart from satisfying the markets of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, most of the products are exported to the United States, Japan and Canada. They are highly competitive in the inter

Aquaculture feed selection

First, the type of choice: a wide range of aquatic feed, from the shape can be divided into powder feed, soft pellet feed, hard pellet feed and puffed feed. In terms of use, there are squid, shrimp, and turtle. In order to select quality and cheap food among a large number of aquafeeds, it

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum prevention and control advice

1. This year, due to the severe climate impact, rape is heavy and heavy, with great losses. With various favorable conditions, the incidence of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum will be heavier than in previous years. The region must fully understand the various disasters, especially the special cl

Vegetable top dressing has advantages and disadvantages

After sowing and planting vegetables, in order to meet their growth and development, a large amount of topdressing is often required, and the topdressing amount generally accounts for 1/3 or more of the total amount of fertilizer applied during the whole growing period of the crop. The pro

Camellia main disease prevention and treatment

The main diseases and their prevention?


[Causes and Symptoms] The disease is caused by the infection of Camellia leaves with Colletotrichum gloeosporoides. This is the main disease of camellia, with an incidence of 33%. Most of the illnesses occur on the leaf ma

Newly-purchased pigs enter the "four steps"

Newly purchased pigs are often under stress due to significant changes in the environment, feed, feeding methods, etc., and dysfunctions occur in the various systems of the organism. Light individuals do not grow for ten days and a half months, and severe cases are prone to induce fever, const

Decrypt soil microorganisms

Decryption of soil microorganisms Soil microorganisms play an important role in the conversion of matter and energy flow. The important biochemical processes that they participate in mainly include: hydrolysis reactions, such as the hydrolysis of organic compounds,

Three-dimensional Cultivation Techniques of Fungus Fungus in the Greenhouse

Fungus is a health food that contains many kinds of vitamins and is free from pesticide pollution. It is increasingly favored by people. The market price also increased from 36-40 yuan/kg in previous years to 48-52/kg. The conventional cultivation method is open cultivation with eucalyptus