Scallop processing technology

As a raw material for food processing, scallops have unique flavors. Compared with other fish and shellfish, scallops contain a large amount of glycine and contain alanine, glutamic acid, valine, etc., in particular, there are many amino acids related to taste. At present, the main process

Female rabbits produce multiple litters

Add vitamin E and carotene

Practice has proved that timely addition of a certain amount of carotene and vitamin E to the female rabbit can achieve the goal of multiple breeding of the female rabbit. The method is: from the third day after the weaning of the pups, each kilogram of f

Remedy to the impact of snow disaster raising rabbit industry

I. Timely organization of personnel to clean the snow area of ​​the house, reinforce the protective support of the rabbit house, and enhance the rabbit house's resistance to pressure. At the same time, as soon as possible, rabbits in dangerous rabbit houses were moved to safe

High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Two-line Hybrid Late Rice

In recent years, the combination of two-line hybrid late rice has begun to be widely promoted in the southern provinces, such as Xiangliangyou 68, 65002, Eqiza No. 1, as well as Liangyupete, Peizaoqing, and Peiyou 288. In addition to the general cultivation characteristics of the three-lin

Four measures to increase production of straw mushroom

In the growth process of straw mushroom, appropriate measures can be taken to achieve the effect of increasing production.

The first and second inoculations adopt secondary inoculation measures and are conducive to yield increase of straw mushroom. The mycelial growth rate of straw

Shed spicy chili pepper planting technology

Since last winter, till now, the market for spicy chili peppers cultivated in greenhouses has been promising. Therefore, the newspaper introduced its planting technology as follows:

First, nursery:

The flower buds in the lower middle of pepper have been differentiated and c

Jinbao Fermented Bed - Pig Simmons

Jinbao Fermented Bed - The pig's Simmons fermented bed made of Gold & Poison Nourishing Fermenter, because the organic litter contains quite active functional microorganisms, can quickly and effectively degrade and digest the pig's excrement, and does no

About sow classification lactation technology

The primordial gilts of primiparous sows are mostly caused by insufficient development of the lactation system or low levels of dietary nutrients, so they must try their best to meet the nutrients they need for growth and lactation. When primiparous sows produce less milk, one or two fresh one