The new darling of beauty skin care - Gymboree Rose dew

The new darling of beauty skincare - Hydrosol, also known as Rose Original, is a Bulgarian fresh rose essence that has been refined through the combination of international high-tech methods and traditional techniques such as distillation.
In addition to the essential oil composition, the Golden Rose Rose Hydrosol also contains many precious ingredients that are insoluble in oil. These are generally the nutrients lacking in the essential oils. Therefore, although the properties of the Golden Rose Rose Hydrosol are close to that of the essential oils, The range of adaptation and convenience are much better than rose essential oils.
The natural appearance of the golden treasure rose is very mild, it is pure and natural, so it does not irritate the skin and can be used without dilution. Therefore, the use range is very wide. If it can be used for skin care, it can be used directly as lotion, mask preparation, wet compress with cotton pad, base oil and essential oil to make cream or lotion, etc.; such as hair care, spray on hair to make hair smooth and soft, prevent UV damage Prevents hair from contaminating fume and other effects; for example, when bathing, adding a golden rose rose water to fragrant bath, indoor spraying of rose water as a pure natural air freshener, inhalation of pure dew vapor, etc. are all good use of pure dew Ways to show elegance and elegance in health. Details can visit the website or consult.

ningxiahong goji  fruit wine use fresh high quality Zhongning goji as material, and use Goji low temperature fermentation technology , to keep maximum color, aroma and flavor of Goji, ensure its nutrition and healthy function are fully exploited.

Ningxiahong Goji Wine use Goji juice low temperature fermentation technology, it is the only company own this honor in wine industry. 

This methods of production can open and active the wax layer on the surface of Goji , release more than 90% active substances. More conducive to absorb nutritional of Goji ,and achieve balanced nutrition absorption. End the era that Chinese people drink medicinal liquor to preserve health and start a new fashion lifestyle to use goblet drink Goji wine. Compare to traditional steeping wine , not only with technology, flavor, color, but also with the value of nutritional health , Ningxiahong goji wine has a qualitative leap!

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