Tomato Leaf Mould Control

Tomato leaf mold is mainly harmful to leaves, and it also harms stems, flowers, and fruits in severe cases. The leaves were infected and there were oval or irregular light yellow lesions on the back of the leaves. When conditions are right, the diseased leaves will have a moldy layer on the fr

Wheat powdery mildew prevention

Wheat powdery mildew is a kind of epidemic disease. It is affected by weather conditions. In the spring with more rainfall, especially in years with more rainfall, the disease will become popular. If we encounter the more uniform distribution of the rainfall at the late growth stage of the

How to prevent spring celery before convulsions

After the celery seedling grows 3 to 4 leaves, if it encounters a low temperature below 10°C, it can pass through the vernalization stage in about 12 days and undergo flower bud differentiation under long daylight. The longer the time at low temperature, the higher the rate of convulsio

Fast-growing poplar cuttings

1, cutting time. After planting leaves in November, it can be inserted before germination in March and April.

2, flat mouth section. In general, the new cuttings are preferably 2.5-3.5 meters long per year. The two-year-old seedlings have less buds under the shoots and have low uti

Tenebrio winter farming precautions

Tenebrio, also known as yellow-powdered agar, belongs to the order Insecta, Coleoptera, Tetrigoidea, Meliaceae, originally a storage pest. In the taxonomy of insects, it belongs to Coleoptera, and it is intended to be used as a walker in the armor family. Commonly referred to as breadworms

10 ways to prevent vegetables from catching a cold

First, the nitrogen-control method should be used to reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the seedling stage, and it must not be applied to nitrogenous fertilizers in order to avoid the poor cold resistance of the plants. Topdressing is early, in order to promote vegetable seedlings

Garbage fertilizer starter (necessity of fermented fertilizer)

Garbage fertilizer starter (necessity of fermented fertilizer)
There are many advantages in the disposal of organics, no decomposed farmyard fertilizers, etc., after the fermentation process of the microbial microbial fermentation agent, for example:

How do meat pigeons freeze

Cold and warm

1. The loft should be sealed with a plastic film (25 cm from the pigeon cage) around the loft, and the canvas should be tightly tied around the outside; the top 50 cm of the pigeon cage should cover the film so that the loft is free from cold wind. 2. Can use artifici

Problems and Countermeasures of Pruning Pear Trees

Emerald pears have stronger apical dominance than other pear cultivars. They have strong tree vigor and strong nutrient growth. The sprouting force is strong, the branching strength is weak, and the jointing branch group at the growth superior position on the high grafting main branch, if

Dragon fruit cultivation techniques

First, build a park

Dragon fruit is more heat-resistant, water-resistant, warm and moist, sandy soil rich in organic matter. Seedlings before cultivation by 1.5 meters 2 meters per acre specifications, standing 1010250 cm 100-110 square cement pillars, cement pillars into the soil

The new darling of beauty skin care - Gymboree Rose dew

The new darling of beauty skincare - Hydrosol, also known as Rose Original, is a Bulgarian fresh rose essence that has been refined through the combination of international high-tech methods and traditional techniques such as distillation.
In addition to the es

Mushroom diseases and pests and comprehensive control

1. Comprehensive prevention and control measures for mushroom cultivation
(1) Strictly arranging good bacteria species after determining the good varieties used for production, whether or not the bacteria species are contaminated with bacteria is the most basic condition for high quality