What is the use of greenhouse warmers?

What is the use of greenhouse warmers?
The greenhouse warmer directly relates to the economic benefits of vegetable growers. It protects your greenhouse, improves soil structure, increases the output of your vegetables, and improves economic efficiency. Let'

About the key points of shape and development regulation of layers

The influence of the body development characteristics of egg breeder on the performance of production measures the body shape development standards of egg breeders. Skeletons are the first limiting factor, and body weight is the second limiting factor. In the production, the length and body we

U.S. Uses Freshwater to Raise Saltwater Fish

In the natural environment, ginseng and tilapia are never met, because one is a saltwater fish that lives in the ocean; the other is a freshwater fish that lives in rivers and lakes. However, after scientists "combined," the ginseng fish and tilapia happily chased each other in the f

About the control technology of yellow skin anthrax

Yellow skin anthrax is a common disease in the production of yellow skin, can be susceptible to all growth stages, resulting in leaf spots, leaf rot, bald branches, fruit rot, etc., affect the yield and fruit quality.

First, the symptoms

1 Leaf spot. The center and edges of

Fermentation Bed - Pig Waste Cleaner

Fermentation Bed - Pig Waste Remover Cement is a product of modern industrial civilization and has made significant contributions to the advancement of society. However, modern people living in the “reinforced concrete jungle” are also quite impressed by

Application of Biogas Fermentation Aids

Application of biogas fermentation auxiliaries Gembio biogas fermentation auxiliaries contain nutrients and trace elements required for the growth and reproduction of methanogens, and utilize trace elements therein to effectively stimulate methanogens and promote th

The Benefits of Using Fermented Seedling Matrices

Advantages of Using Fermented Seedling Substrates The selection of substrates for flower seedlings and household flowers (nutritional soils) is particularly critical. The use of advanced fermentation technology to complete, can make the effect is very good, the foll

Four functions of silage fermentation feed

Four functions of silage fermentation feed Silage fermentation has obvious advantages over direct drying and feeding of straw:
1. Preservation of nutrients: In the course of storage, feed must have a certain amount of nutrient loss. However, the method of stora

High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Japan's Liwang

Japan's King Lee is the main planter and owner of Japanese fruit farmers and is known in Japan as "King of Li." This species was introduced into China in 1992. After several years of cultivation observation, it was determined that the Japanese King Li is an excellent variety with

Straw feed rapid fermentation

How can the rapid fermentation of straw feed rapidly ferment straw feed and achieve good results? The use of the rapid fermentation agent of the golden baby straw feed can reduce the crude fiber of the straw by 4%--6%, increase the crude protein by 4%--6%, increase