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Prevention and cure of rabbit bowel disease

First, the clinical symptoms of acute disease in rabbits abruptly spoiled food, increased body temperature and rapid breathing characteristics. Rabbits are lethargic and develop neurological symptoms of local or generalized muscle spasms. In some cases, paralysis can occur, especially paralysis of -----

Reasonable base price of essential drugs is the true me…

At present, under the guidance of the Anhui model for the basic drug bidding in each province, the “double envelope” model is mainly promoted. From the perspective of tendering trends, the requirements for bid information are getting higher and higher; the control over prices i-----

Nine sheep autumn management measures

The weather in the autumn is cool, and all the herbs are ripe, full of seeds, and rich in nutrients. It is a good season for sheep and ewes to breed. In the fall, raising sheep mainly focuses on the following nine points. First, early morning and late autumn cool, noon heat, grazing should adhere -----

How to Fertilize Chinese Cabbage

Case: Some urban residents are very dissatisfied with the quality of some cabbages sold in the market. Such cabbages are large, large in leaves, green in color, and scattered in outer leaves. For example, the Chinese cabbage planted by a farmer friend in the suburbs of Tianjin has experienced the -----

Pharmaceutical raw material management regulations are …

Zhang Wei, Director of the Drug Registration Department of the State Food and Drug Administration, introduced at the 9th China International Forum on New Drug Development Advanced Technology and Industrialization Development. The text of the “Regulations on the Administration of Phar-----

Rat Renin (Renin) ELISA Kit Instructions for Use

Rat Renin (Renin) ELISA Kit   ( used in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and other biological fluids ) principle This experiment used double antibody sandwich ABC-ELISA. The anti-rat Renin monoclonal antibody was coated on the microplate, the standard and the Renin in the sample were c-----

Largemouth bass culture technology

Bigmouth bass is native to the United States and is a wide-temperature fish. It can survive within a water temperature range of 2°C to 34°C and a salinity value of 0 to 15 ,. The optimum water temperature is 20°C to 27°C. Largemouth bass is a typical carnivorous fish. It has a wide rang-----