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90 kg electronic scale, 100 kg electronic scale, 150 kg…

Electronic scales are divided into electronic weighing platform scales and electronic counting platform scales : First, the performance characteristics of the electronic counting platform scale : â—† Accuracy is 1/15000, counting internal resolution 1/75000 â—-----

Common 22 kinds of faults in rice transplanter and thei…

(1) Causes of poor standing or floating seedlings: The seedling seedbed has too much or too little water; the depth of the transplanting seedling is improperly adjusted; the topsoil of the paddy field is too soft or too soft; Eliminating method: In addition to adopting corresponding measures, the-----

Seven Guidelines for Farmers' Family Raising Sheep

First, grasp the law of the market The price of mutton is generally lower from September to November, and higher from April to July in the following year. The difference between the two is generally 2 to 4 yuan per kilogram. The price of the sheep also fluctuates. Therefore, the acquisition of she-----

Corn Fertilization Tips

Maize is a high-yielding crop and requires a large amount of fertilizer. Scientific fertilization is the key to obtaining high and stable yield of corn. According to the law of demand of maize, it is necessary to determine a reasonable method of fertilization and determine the proportion of suitabl-----

Occurrence and control of watermelon virus disease

Watermelon virus disease, also known as mosaic disease, is one of the three major diseases that damage watermelon in recent years. Viral disease is divided into mosaic virus and fern leaf virus. First, the main symptoms of viral diseases Mosaic type: first appeared in the leaves chlorotic spots, -----

Nectarine tree fertilization technology

First, peach tree needs fertilizer characteristics (A) Peach's requirements for the environment Peach has a wide range of temperature adaptation and can be cultivated at an average annual temperature of 8-17°C. The most suitable growth temperature is 18-23°C. It is about 25 degreeC. If t-----

Watermelon into the refrigerator will be "aging&qu…

Recently, Dr. John Lapuma, the author of the United States "Dr. Dr. Kitchen", put forward such a point: The watermelon is best placed at room temperature. At room temperature, lycopene and β-carotene contained in watermelon are 40% higher and 139% higher than those in iced watermelon-----