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Frozen vegetable processing

1. Raw material processing. Vegetables suitable for quick-freezing and preservation include green peppers, cucumbers, beans, broccoli, garlic, carrots, and fresh mushrooms. Remove the roots and inedible parts of the vegetables, then wash to remove impurities. 2. Bleed, cool, drain. Raw ma-----

Management measures after autumn celery planting

First, keep the water. Regular watering after planting to prevent surface drought and cracking. When a new leaf grows after 10 days, watering is stopped, rows of cultivating loose soil, 2 to 3 days before watering, and no watering for 4 to 5 days thereafter. Second, carry out seedlings to promote-----

Lets plant five lettuces in autumn

Autumn Lettuce planting and sowing period is in the hot season, small temperature difference between day and night, night temperature is high, strong breathing, easy to grow, and at the same time due to high temperature and long days easy to make the asparagus flower bud rapid differentiation and -----

Harvest of Agaricus bisporus and bed management after h…

When the cap of the fruiting body grows to 3-5 cm in diameter, but it has not been opened, it can be harvested. Do not damage the material surface during harvesting. Do not injure the surrounding young mushrooms and hyphae. Use the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger to pinch the cap and twist it-----

Extension of tomato results three methods

After the first-generation tomatoes are ripened and harvested, the pressure-seed method cuts off the yellow branches of the leaves and retains the new branches with the ability to flourish. A ditches with a length of 20 cm and a depth of about 15 cm are dug on the side of the main trunk and buried-----

Management of ostriches during breeding season

Ostriches should pay attention to keeping and exercising during the breeding period so as to avoid low reproduction rate. The daily activities of captive ostriches are more regular. Therefore, feeding should be done regularly and quantitatively according to the rules of life. Every morning when t-----

Autumn and winter yin autumn four large dry runny soup

Chinese medicine pays attention to "Autumn in winter and autumn," and autumn is a good time for tonic for "Yin and Sheng Jin." You can often eat yam, chicken soup, lamb, rabbit meat, etc. to strengthen the kidney, yin and yang. Lao Guang Ai tonic with soup, Wu Yanhua recommende-----