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Rapeseed transgenic technology

The net reduction of GM rapeseed in the world in 2000 was about 600,000 hectares. This was due to a decrease in Canada. The growth of the United States slightly compensated. Canadian observers analyzed the reduction in genetically modified crops for three reasons: First, the total hectares of rapes-----

Identification and Prevention of Main Diseases of Kidne…

First, the roots of the root rot plants and the stems of the ground began to appear red-brown lesions, the edge is not obvious, gradually turned dark brown to dark brown, slightly sunken or cracking. After flowering and scabbing, the leaves gradually turn yellow and wither from the bottom upwards, -----

Hare feeding and management technology

Rabbits in China are uniquely endowed with abundant conditions: abundant grass resources, suitable climatic conditions, and most regions have the conditions for raising rabbits; wild rabbits are resistant to stress, have strong adaptability, and are resistant to extensive growth, growth, developmen-----

Winter cows pay attention to skill

Winter is coming. Winter cattle must not be kept in cow houses all day long. Always pull cows out to enjoy the sun. The common people cows have a jingle: "The brushing planer (that is, pull the cow out of the brush to wash the cattle body), match over the feed." But before the sun goes do-----

Why Diesel Speed

In the diesel engine operation, the sudden increase of the rotational speed occurs at a high speed, and the faster and faster, even if the throttle is pushed to the minimum position, the rotational speed cannot be reduced. This phenomenon is called “speed racing”. If it is found that th-----

Banana fresh-keeping technology

1, as long as the bananas and apples are stored together, soon after, the banana's color will turn yellow, become mature and delicious. In addition, there is a delicious banana preservation method: After peeling the mature banana skin, wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it. When you want to eat-----

What happens after the tractor is frozen?

After using the tractor in winter, be sure to release cold water in time to prevent freezing of the body. If you forget to let the cooling water and freeze the body, you can use the following measures: First, find the crack 1. Put charcoal in the lower part of the engine and bake it slowly. Do n-----