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How to use the leftovers of Pleurotus ostreatus?

The culture materials that are cleaned up after the mushrooms are finished are leftovers. After the culture materials are decomposed and transformed by enzymes related to Pleurotus ostreatus, the nutrient structure has undergone major changes, together with the residue of Pleurotus ostreatus. The c-----

Peanut also needs to make up "calcium"

Peanuts are hi-calcium crops (according to the determination that every kilogram of peanut pods need to absorb 2.7 kilograms of calcium), when the seeds germinate, they need calcium nutrition; calcium can strengthen the metabolism of nitrogen in the plant, promote root and nodules development. When-----

Cotton seedlings control

Appropriate temperature for cotton seedling emergence is 18°C~25°C, and the temperature rises quickly after rain, which is very suitable for seedling emergence in temperature, and the seedlings have the possibility of partial occurrence. 1, agricultural control cotton eradication of we-----

What causes grapevine water?

It is a common phenomenon that the grape spring wound flow is called "injury flow." Generally, when the soil temperature reaches 6 to 10°C, the grape roots begin to move. The sap and organic nutrients in the tree body are transported along the xylem to various parts of the tree body. -----

Aquatic feed cost reduction method

1. Stocking quality fish species: High-quality fish species have a fast growth rate, and have a high rate of digestion and absorption of feed. In production, we must pay attention to the selection of excellent and healthy fish. In addition, in the stocking mode, it is necessary to highlight the mai-----

The management technology of astragalus in cement pond …

The Dianchi Lake can be made of masonry. The wall of the pool, the bottom of the pool, and the corners of the pool should be cement mortar or three-segment soil. Where there are many limes, the pool is also built with three-soil. At present, there are three kinds of common dip pools. 1 Self-replac-----

Under five circumstances should not pigs

1, after eating satiety after a pig's intra-abdominal pressure increased, if castration at this time, easily lead to incarceration of the bowel or uterine horn, or intestinal scrotum. 2, diseased and castrated pigs, will reduce their disease resistance, aggravate the condition, and even cause-----