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Sweetcorn crispy stalk rot rot control measures

Sweet and crisp corn Kupu has the characteristics of wide adaptability, large size, and good market. It began to grow in large areas in some parts of Tonghai County. In recent years, stalk rot occurred in individual places. Prevention makes a point of view: Stalk rot, commonly known as rot diseas-----

How to prevent pumpkin virus disease

Pumpkin virus disease, seed disinfection can be soaked with 10% aqueous solution of trisodium phosphate for 10 to 15 minutes, washed after sowing, planting, with silver and black two-color plastic film cover (silver up) to avoid embarrassment. Before or at the beginning of the episode, use a 500-fo-----

Moisture effect on livestock nutrition

Water is not a source of thermal energy in livestock. Some people think that water has no nutritional effect on livestock. However, it is one of the components of the carcass and it is an indispensable material for livestock to maintain its life. Especially in hot and hot summers, the importance of-----

Water Management of Flammulina velutipes during fruitin…

Flammulina velutipes requires higher cultivation and management, especially the development of fruiting bodies for moisture requirements. Now introduce "five-character" water management law for reference. One guarantee. When the mycelium is sent to the bottom of the bag, the bag is open-----

Fresh pig blood sausage processing

Picking. When the pigs are slaughtered, they are given a clean water point, made of corn stalks or sorghum stalks to stir the blood, and then stir the blood to prevent blood clotting. Prepare the intestines. The pig's small intestine is rolled into a circle on the palm of the hand and cut off -----

Occurrence and Control of Maize Rust in South Anhui Pro…

In recent years, with the promotion and application of new maize varieties, corn rust is a common disease on corn. The occurrence of a wide range, all have different degrees of damage, so that corn plants dry, the grain is not full, resulting in reduced production. The lighter ones cut production b-----

State Food and Drug Administration requires phthalates …

Requiring the substitution of other plasticizers, substances that trigger the turbulence of plasticizers in Taiwan; the Ministry of Health has included phthalates as non-edible substances and foods that may be illegally added in foods and abuse-prone foods. List of Additives [Caixin.com] (-----