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Eight magical uses of honey

Honey is a nutritious food. Fructose and glucose in honey are easily absorbed by the body. 1, to restore fatigue, especially after night In all natural foods, the energy needed by the brain's neurons is highest in honey. The fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed and utilized -----

14 common mistakes in family nutrition

Misunderstanding 1: The whiter the rice, the higher the quality Analysis: The degree of whiteness of rice is related to the degree of removal of rice bran from the outer layer. The higher the degree of rice bran removal, the more nutrients are lost although the rice is white. Rice bran is rich in-----

Use and maintenance technology of tractor and rotary cu…

First, the use of tractors (a) Check each part 1. Tighten the connecting parts of each part: Although the tractor is factory tested, it will inevitably loosen the connection during the process of repeated transportation. For this purpose, various fasteners and fasteners should be tightened in ti-----


Standard Pitot tube, S-type pitot tube, L-type pitot tube, flute type, S-type standard, L-type standard is professional production and sales of Shanghai Longtuo Factory Close this page PU Head Wiping RodSwab Pu Foam,Black Pp Stick Pu Swab,Printer Cleaning Swab ,Cleani-----

Litchi Banana Driver Eats Less

The human body consumes a lot of heat while driving, and the heat in the body is mainly derived from the sugar in the food. Many people like to eat sweeter fruits such as lychees and bananas. A study found that drivers who eat too much lychee before or while driving will not only be unable to repl-----

Nine kinds of food are natural brain gold

A variety of foods contain brain and brain-enhancing ingredients that can be called “brain gold” in food. fish It is one of the first foods to promote intellectual development. The fish head contains very rich lecithin, which is an important source of neurotransmitters in the human b-----

Sorghum seedling wilt disease symptoms and comprehensiv…

Sorghum seedling blight - Symptoms Sorghum can develop when it grows to 4-5 leaves. Start with the lower leaves and expand backwards. The diseased leaves had purple streak and gradually merged, causing the leaves to gradually die from the top, and the seeds became brown. Sorghum seedling blight - -----