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How to put potted root water

The first watering after planting is called setting water. The root water must be poured thoroughly. Because the initial planting soil is not completely submerged, there are many voids in the soil. Only when the water is thoroughly saturated, the soil and root system can be fully integrated. After-----

Summer chickens guard against acidosis

Summer high temperature and high humidity is conducive to the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, leftover food overnight or feed moisture, heat easily corrupted and sour, chicken after eating will stimulate the hernia sac wall, causing inflammation. If leftovers produce too much-----

Some experiences in raising rabbits

1. Rex rabbits are more delicate and grow slowly. It is not appropriate to feed meat rabbits with feeding standards and management methods. Rabit-rabbits must be meticulously guarded and persevered. Forage should be diversified. Second, the activity of rabbits stays up all night. During the day, -----

Frying Chinese medicine, what pot is good, cooking pot …

Zui is good to cook in a casserole. The casserole is used because it is stable in nature and does not easily react chemically with the drug. In addition, it has slow heat transfer, is heated evenly, is not easy to paste, and is inexpensive, so it is convenient to use c-----

Eggplant bagging prices are high

Eggplant bagging can reduce the risk of insect pests such as cotton bollworm. The amount of pesticides used and the number of drugs used are less, and the product quality is greatly improved. Eggplant fruit bagging does not affect its growth, and can mature 3 to 5 days earlier, the previous produc-----

Correctly growing ryegrass provides quality forage for …

Perennial ryegrass is one of the most important pastures in temperate regions of the world. The ryegrass has high yield, good quality, rich nutrition, and the livestock prefer eating. Under good cultivation conditions, one planting can be used continuously for 4-5 years, and can be cut many times e-----

Variable transportation tractor fuel consumption and ma…

In addition to the driver's driving skills, the most important thing is to change the transport tractor in normal driving. The most important thing is that the rescuers and maintenance personnel provide timely maintenance so that the tractor will always maintain a good technical condition to r-----