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Spectrophotometer common troubleshooting

Spectrometer troubleshooting <br> <br> during actual operation of the spectrophotometer, several typical failure prone zui: â‘  the instrument can not be zero; â‘¡ the instrument can not be adjusted "100%"; â‘¢ measurement In the middle-----

Summer mushroom cultivation technology

Flammulina velutipes has a crisp, fleshy texture, a good taste, a rich nutrition, and a good health care function. Flammulina is usually cultivated in autumn and winter and less cultivated in summer. The Agricultural Bureau of Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City, used cold storage to control the tem-----

Slow meat sheep meat to improve

The average broiler sheep, 12 months old, weighs only 15 kg and grows very slowly. The main reasons are: First, due to inbreeding, physical deterioration; Second, do not pay attention to deworming, parasites consume a lot of meat sheep nutrition; Third, there is no scientific feed, can not meet th-----

The core principle of spray dryer equipment

Among the many drying equipments, spray drying equipment is one of the widely used drying equipment and is a drying equipment for processing solutions, suspensions or mud materials. It can directly dry from liquid into powder, which is the great advantage of spray drying equipment; low thermal effic-----

Reasons and countermeasures of "false living"…

Some of the high-risk scions, cuttings, and newly planted seedlings, although growing several leaves and shoots, eventually stopped growing and withered to death. The essence of this “false living” phenomenon is that the scion does not really co-produce with the rootstock, and the cutt-----

Medicinae intercropping intercropping high-yield cultiv…

Peony is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine, which has a long growth cycle, high yield, and stable economic benefits. In recent years, the market demand has been continuously increased. In order to improve economic efficiency, the Bozhou City Institute of Medicinal Herbal Plants has successfully p-----

This kind of summer loofah grabs six points

Xia Shougua is generally grown from late April to early July and is available from June to October. It mainly supplies summer and autumn vegetable markets. To cultivate good Xia Guagua, we must do the following six aspects: I. Variety selection Xia Shougua must choose heat-resistant, early-matur-----