10 ways to prevent vegetables from catching a cold

First, the nitrogen-control method should be used to reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the seedling stage, and it must not be applied to nitrogenous fertilizers in order to avoid the poor cold resistance of the plants. Topdressing is early, in order to promote vegetable seedlings. Before the low temperature, can not apply the available nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be topdressed once in order to enhance the cold resistance of vegetables.

Second, the application of organic fertilizer method using pig cow dung or soil fertilizer and other warm farm manure, circle cultivation in the rootstock vegetable roots, can increase the soil temperature around the root 2 °C ~ 3 °C. Fertilization should be carried out on a sunny day, with 1,000 to 1,500 kilograms per mu.

Third, the pouring of manure before the frost poured thin cast manure 400 to 500 kg, so that the soil is not easy to freeze.

Fourth, soil cultivation combined with cultivators before the cultivator, with crushed soil cultivating the roots of soil, can make the soil loose, increase the soil temperature, but also directly protect the roots. However, the cultivating soil must be carried out before the soil is frozen. The depth should be 7-10 cm.

V. Coverage Law In the afternoon before the onset of frost, straw, straw, etc. are used to cover vegetables and vegetables, which can reduce wind and cold mechanical damage. Use 100 kg of straw per acre. Disperse it and must not cover all vegetables to prevent photosynthesis.

Six, ash method First, in the cold before the onset of cryogenic damage on the vegetables sprinkle a thin layer of hull ash or plant ash; the second is to spread grass ash between the rows.

7. The method of smoked tobacco stacks weeds, straw, litter, etc. into piles, or uses asphalt, ammonium nitrate, coal powder, sawdust, etc. to make frost-proof bullets. Before the frost comes, the smoke is ignited at the corners of the upper wind. Can disperse cold currents.

8. The wind barrier method is used to make the wind barrier at 1 to 1.5 meters high on the north side of the vegetable culm to be used as a straw, and a windbreak is installed every 3 to 4 inches.

Nine, irrigation before the freezing water to the daily average temperature dropped to 2 °C when carried out is appropriate; after cold irrigation in the cold, the maximum temperature rose to 3 °C, soil and vegetable trees have been thawed when appropriate. The winter irrigation should be poured with enough water, and it is better not to accumulate water on the surface of the plant.

Tenth, the drain method to open a good "three ditch" to ensure that the gutters open, in order to promptly eliminate frozen water.

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