Fast-growing poplar cuttings

1, cutting time. After planting leaves in November, it can be inserted before germination in March and April.

2, flat mouth section. In general, the new cuttings are preferably 2.5-3.5 meters long per year. The two-year-old seedlings have less buds under the shoots and have low utilization rate. The growth after budding is not as good as one year. The length of the cut-out section is 15-20 cm to ensure that there are 3 full shoots in each section. Cut 1 cm above the uppermost bud with fruit branches to cut them. Do not crack the wood and do not hurt the skin. About 0.5 meters above the strip, due to low lignification, generally do not use, such as must be used, should be single-insertion, single-cut, strengthen management and protection, or seedlings are too weak and too small, the economic value is low.

3, time soaked. Cut the cut section into water for 48 hours (such as floating, press brick, stone and other heavy objects). After enough water is sucked, cut it. Soaking, the water can also be added to the amount of rooting powder, but their concentration is more difficult to grasp, improper concentration, phlegm and germination, the initial cuttings, it is best not to seek security.

4, soil preparation fertilization. Demand more than 25 centimeters of ploughing, smashing, smashing, smashing, and applying it to basal fertilizer when ploughing; 20 kg of urea per mu, 75 kg of superphosphate, 10 kg of potassium sulfate, 3,000 kg of farmyard mixed fertilizer, in 5, 6 In July, topdressing urea 1 times, each 10-15 kg.

5, cutting method. Generally, the spacing is 60 centimeters, the spacing between plants is 25-30 centimeters, and about 4,000 strains per acre are cut. When the cuttings are inserted, the bottom end is inserted into the earth 3-5 cm downwards. After the shoot is done with a shovel or stepped into the earth, it is flush with the ground, and is poured with water once.

6, field management. During the seedling stage, the weeds should be carefully controlled, and herbicides are generally not used to prevent germination. When seedlings have branches, they need to fight. In case of drought, it should be watered in time to facilitate large seedlings, good seedlings, good sales, and timely prevention and control of pests and diseases.

7, the new law application. 1 plastic film cover. This measure can make the seed germination and growth in advance, and the growth of the seedlings is strong. Under contrast conditions, the length of the year is 1-2 meters higher, and the effect is obvious. 2 buds. After the cuttings were sprayed with gibberellin for 1 time, the effect was obviously promoted. 3 fertilizer spray. In the peak season of May, June and July, potassium dihydrogen phosphate is sprayed once a month to promote growth.

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