How do meat pigeons freeze

Cold and warm

1. The loft should be sealed with a plastic film (25 cm from the pigeon cage) around the loft, and the canvas should be tightly tied around the outside; the top 50 cm of the pigeon cage should cover the film so that the loft is free from cold wind. 2. Can use artificial temperature control measures, such as the use of electric heating pipe heating, set aside the floor of the road can burn straw or charcoal heating, so that the temperature within the home to maintain above 10 °C, to ensure the normal production of pigeons, but special attention Use fire safety.

Improve nutrition

1. Appropriately increase the proportion of energy feed in the feed, so that the energy feed in the feed ratio accounts for about 75%, including 50% of corn, 10% of sorghum, 10% of wheat, and 5% of hemp seed. 2. Adjust the health sand formulation. Adding 3% brown sugar to health sand, the bristles must be increased to 1% and salt to 2%. 3 Add 100 grams of poultry electrolytic cubes, 50 grams of methionine, and 50 grams of lysine per 1000 pairs of breeding birds.

Strengthen feeding management

1.Ensure the environmental sanitation in the loft, dig the pigeons, and lime to ensure dryness, supply clean drinking water and feed. 2. Adjust the pigeon population so that the breeder hatches 2 eggs and feeds 3 pups. 3. Keep the air in the loft clean. If the air in the loft is found to be cloudy, open the canvas at both ends of the loft at noon for 1 to 2 hours. 4. Minimize disturbing breeders and keep the birds stable.

prevent disease

1. The loft ground and eating utensils are regularly disinfected with 100 toxins every week. 2. After freezing, it is mainly used to prevent paratyphoid and respiratory diseases, and common antibiotic products can be used for prevention. 3. After the snow disaster, do a good job of vaccination against Newcastle disease and bird flu. 4. Observe the pigeons carefully and isolate the sick pigeons in time.

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