Fermented water feed benefits

Poor water treatment is trouble and scourge, and when it is handled well, it becomes resources and wealth! The direct use of drowning (drugs) to raise pigs is generally strictly banned. It is neither hygienic nor affects the production environment in urban and rural

Winter: Frequent pig disease and control measures

I. Respiratory diseases

Diseases that mainly manifest respiratory syndrome are the focus of winter pig industry. The main features of these diseases are: cough, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and increased nasal fluid. Prevention focuses on reducing cold stimulation. Treatment foc

Golden Baby Starter: Pig Manure Becomes Good Fertilizer

Jinbao Fermentation Agent: Pig Manure Becomes Good Fertilizer Pig manure can fully exert its function as long as it is fermented. Simply mix the pig manure with straw, sawdust, mushroom residue, and dry earth powder in appropriate proportions. 1 ton of material (abo

How to cultivate and manage Asparagus

Asparagus, also known as odoratum, asparagus, belongs to the perennial evergreen semi-hermitaceous herbaceous flower of Liliaceae asparagus, and is used for potted foliage and cut flowers for bottle insertion. Its stems are covered with sagging and are 1-2 meters long. The scales are scale

Fruit trees should not be too high

Some farmers prefer to grow soil to 30 to 40 cm high or even higher when planting fruit trees. They believe that doing so is conducive to the growth of fruit trees, but it is not. The harm of Gao Peituo is: it affects the normal breathing of the roots of fruit trees; it limits the activities o

Hog breeding environment and precautions

1. Temperature and Humidity The suitable ambient temperature for pigs is 16~23°C, the early period is 20~23°C, and the later period is 16~20°C. In this range, pigs have the highest weight gain and feed conversion rates are the highest. Experiments have shown that pigs have the highest

Before the broadcast of carrot seeds

Carrot seed embryos are small, often poorly developed or have poor embryo emergence, germination rate is low, generally only 65% ​​to 70%, and the seed life is only 2 to 3 years. Therefore, new seeds are generally used for sowing. If old seeds are used, not only the germination r

Seaweed fertilizer application

The application of algae fertilizer in planting has caused widespread concern among growers. Especially on vegetables, it performed extremely well. So, how to use tomato algae fertilizer? What is the effect after use? Here's an example of the use of bacteria fer

Correct handling of livestock excrement

Most of the farmers now deal with excrement naturally piled up, but there are many hidden dangers in doing so, especially it is not easy to fully decompose. During the natural piling period, allowing wind, sun and rain not only causes serious loss of nutrients, but