The delicious and simple ways of eating squid

Crisp and dry silk ingredients: net silk, dried bean curd. Ingredients: soy sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil. Vegetable oils.

Practice: Tofu is put into the water and cook for a few minutes. Take out and dry it. Heat up to 80% in the frying pan and fry until it floats

New technology allows blind people to "see" text (figure)

The invention of Braille has built a bridge for the blind to communicate with the outside world. They read, write, and carry out daily life through fingertips. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the blind can even "see" the words with their ow

Feeling depressed and depressed to eat?

Some scholars have found that food can determine mood, food can not only affect our emotions, food can also save our emotions, food is a good medicine to ease negative emotions. In a modern society where competition is fierce and the pressure of life is very high, we must strengthen our se

Winter health diet to eat colored fruit

In the cold winter, you don't want to store fat, eat the following five red weight-loss fruits, and help MM to quickly fling the meat.



Apple contains a lot of vitamins,

What kind of porridge is suitable for winter?

Many people like to eat porridge, but how much do you know about "porridge"? When winter comes, how do you drink porridge? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian today!

Some of the porridge foods are scattered in the wind to heat, Gan Runhuo, eliminate irritability and dr

How to adjust the sensitivity of the electronic balance

Under normal circumstances, the electronic balance completes the debugging and correction of the sensitivity of the electronic balance through the internal school button or the external school. When the internal calibration weight value of the electronic balance is inac

Greenhouse film has 4 bogey

After the end of November, northern China will welcome frequent cooling, snowfall and rainy weather. Low-temperature and low-light weather has caused adverse effects on vegetable production. In this regard, effective response measures must be taken to ensure that agricultural production in

Various virtual male winter supplement programs

Winter supplement is the ancient Chinese way of health. Men, a large group of people working hard in the workplace and overdrawing lives, should be the target group of winter supplements. However, there are many ways to pay attention to winter supplements, and according to the different ph

Vinegar cannot be eaten with anything

Vinegar taboo, not with the lamb, milk powder with food; avoid gecko, can be fatal.

Vinegar and Milk: Vinegar contains acetic acid and various organic acids. Milk is a colloidal mixture with amphiphilic properties and it has a certain degree of acidity. When the acidity increases t

How to brewing green tea correctly?

The brewing of famous green tea generally depends on the degree of tightness of the tea, using two methods of brewing: First, on the investment method, it applies to high-end green tea with tight shape, such as West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluochun, Mengding nectar, trail Camellia, Laosha

"Smart Medical" emergency medical dispatch process

With the development of mobile communication technology, the first aid time is expected to be greatly advanced under the "smart" scheduling of the intelligent network, bringing more hope to the patients. Michael Hammer and Jame Champy are pioneers in the concept of