New technology allows blind people to "see" text (figure)

The invention of Braille has built a bridge for the blind to communicate with the outside world. They read, write, and carry out daily life through fingertips. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the blind can even "see" the words with their own eyes, as if to see the light again.

According to the British "Daily Mail" website reported on November 23, the new system developed by American scientists is called August II, with an implanted retinal electrode array and a miniature video mounted on the glasses. The camera consists of an upgrade based on the existing blind assist system.

New technology allows blind people to "see" text

â–² Argus II allows text to be transferred to the implanted chip in real time.

The previous system converted the video signal captured by the camera into a light mode through the processor on the glasses, and sent it to the nerve implant device, which allows the blind person to see the outline of the object, but it is impossible to read, because the text must be It's a big word, and it takes a few minutes to "translate."

New technology allows blind people to "see" text

▲ New technology helps blind people “see” and understand words within 1 second.

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