Six points for the correct use of agricultural machinery throttle

First, before starting, it is prohibited to step on the accelerator repeatedly. Some drivers repeatedly step on the accelerator to allow the carburetor and the acceleration device to start working so that more gasoline is injected into the cylinder to meet the start-up needs. Not only does the hand of the pilot do nothing for the start of the tractor, but it also increases the wear of the fuel pump control device and the oil quantity adjustment mechanism.

Second, when starting the engine, the throttle opening is preferably medium to small. When starting, refueling should be done right before the clutch linkage point, and the accelerator pedal should not be stepped in the end, just above the idle throttle. Relax the clutch to work closely with the accelerator pedal.

Third, reduce the throttle when separating the clutch. Some pilots do not reduce the throttle in time when the clutch is disengaged, making the engine idle throttle, causing the sudden increase in speed, which not only wastes fuel but also aggravates the wear of the drive train.

Fourth, during operation, the throttle should be increased or decreased according to road conditions and actual needs. The gear selected should be appropriate to allow the engine to operate at medium speed and larger throttle for most of the time to save fuel. The coordination of adding empty oil, stepping on the clutch and stepping on the accelerator pedal when shifting is required.

5. Do not step on the accelerator pedal when climbing uphill. When driving a slope, you must not step on the accelerator pedal. When using a low gear, the throttle should generally be halfway down. If the accelerator pedal is stepped down three-quarters while driving and the engine still cannot increase the speed accordingly, it should be switched into the lower gear, and then the accelerator pedal is pressed to accelerate.

6. During maintenance, the throttle should be closed. When maintaining the locomotive, crank the crankshaft. If the throttle is not closed at this time, the injector will continue to inject oil into the cylinder. This not only wastes fuel, but also part of the fuel flows into the oil pan along the cylinder wall, dilutes the oil, and accelerates the engine. Worn pieces.

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