Fresh orange peel ginger water can treat cold cold

1. Preventing motion sickness

One hour before boarding, fresh orange peels were folded inwards into double layers, aligned at the nostrils, and squeezed with the fingers to lift the orange peels. Numerous fine tangerine oil mists were injected into the skin and were sucked into the nostrils.

Continue to press and inhale at any time after getting in the car, which can effectively prevent motion sickness.

2. Clever governance frostbite

The orange peel is burned with fire, ground into a powder, and then evenly spread with vegetable oil and wiped on the affected area.

3 clever treatment of chronic bronchitis

Orange peel 5 to 15 grams, soaked in water when the tea, commonly used.

4. Clever cough

With dried orange peel 5 grams, add 2 cups of decoction of water, put a small amount of ginger brown sugar and take it hot: You can also take fresh orange peel appropriate amount, chopped and boiled with boiling water, add white sugar on behalf of the tea, have the effect of phlegm and cough.

5. Qiaozhi constipation

12 grams of fresh orange peel or 6 grams of dried orange peel, Jiantang take, can cure constipation.

6. Clever solution

30 grams of fresh orange peel, a little salt decoction Beverage service, sobering effect is quite good.

7. Qiaozhi sleeping molars

10 minutes before going to bed, there is a piece of orange peel in the mouth, and then go to sleep, it is best not to spit out the orange peel, if you feel unwell, then spit it out.

8. Ingeniously prevent teeth from falling down

Sour orange is not suitable for the elderly or allergic to teeth. In fact, as long as you eat sour oranges, that is, with the remaining fresh orange peel soaked in water to drink, you can prevent the teeth "acid down."

9. Qiaozhi mastitis

30 grams of raw orange peel, 6 grams of licorice, Jiantang Beverage can cure mastitis.

10. Qiaozhi bad breath

A small piece of orange peel in the mouth, or a small piece of fresh orange peel, can cure bad breath.

11. Clever fish and crab poison

With the appropriate amount of orange peel decoction Beverage, can ease the poisoning of fish after eating crabs.

12. Qiao Zhi Wei Han vomiting

The orange peel and ginger slice add water and fry, drink the soup, can treat cold vomiting.

13. Slightly qi

Fresh orange peel with boiling water, add appropriate amount of sugar, orange peel tea, drink after qi can eliminate swelling, fluid and throat.

14. Qiaozhi indigestion

Soak 50 grams of orange peel in the wine. This wine has the effect of warming up the spleen and stomach, used for indigestion, nausea, vomiting and embolism, and is particularly effective in eating indigestion caused by eating greasy foods.

15. Clever clearing of lungs

The orange peel is washed and placed in white wine, soaked for more than 20 days to drink, the taste is mellow and refreshing, and the role of clearing the lungs.

16. Qiaozhi cold cold

Fresh orange peel ginger, add brown sugar, Jianshui drink, can treat cold vomiting cough.

17. Artfully appetizer

The orange peel is washed and cut into silk, then dried and stored together with the tea leaves. When drinking, it is washed with boiling water, and its taste is fragrant and delicious. It has the effect of refreshing appetite and ventilation.

18. Qiaozhi pancreatitis

30 grams of orange peel and 10 grams of licorice and water were used together as tea. Helps treat acute pancreatitis.

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