Women often drink lily tea can improve dull complexion

Lilies have the name of “Elegance Fairy” and symbolize “a hundred years of love”. Therefore, they have always been loved by people. Not only that, Lily is also a good tonic, with high nutritional value and medicinal value. With Runfei Ningxin, Bunaojianweiwei, anti-aging and other effects. Lily can be pure heart, calm, tranquilize, cure cough asthma, urine, and other illnesses.

So, how to use lilies to health care, beauty and beauty? The easiest way is to soak up the water. Lily soaked in water has a very good effect on keeping the skin shiny.

Why do you want to soak in water? You see, a beautiful flower, in the state of water, the color and posture are very good. If there is no water, it will immediately pull. In the same way, women also need water, not only to shoot water on their faces, but also to drink water. What kind of water to drink, is to drink this lily water.

Everyone often says that this person looks beautiful and looks good. However, one thing to note is that in our Chinese medicine book, we must always write about how to colorize and what color is. This person grows to be white, grows yellow, and grows black. This is a congenital one. Your pigment cells are related. "Ze" represents what, does not fully represent your color, your innate, and represents whether you are white, yellow, black, you have to be shiny. What is luster, light and lustre, on behalf of your light, light represents what, on behalf of the lungs and lungs, the main lungs ah! If the lung is good, it means that his face is bright. As I said earlier, the lily is in the lungs, so the external health and beauty can also be regulated through internal treatment. Therefore, to ensure the skin's luster, you can choose to drink it with lily water, whether it be Dry or fresh can all have good beauty and health benefits.

For a small example, there is a successful entrepreneur about 30 years old. She came to Beijing to develop, but when she came, it was just spring. The spring of Beijing is dry and windy. In general, wind Sheng is dry. A windy, dry clothes easy to dry, people are the same, a windy, the skin is easy to dry, plus Beijing's pollen, catkins and other allergens exist, so she did not come long after the first face is allergic, Then there is acne, very distressed. When I was giving her treatment, I asked her to take a bottle of water with her. What kind of water? This is our lilies. Of course, I also told her that for you, first of all, life must be regular, and my mood should be relaxed. We must understand the relationship between 0 and 1, do not come to Beijing, the last 0 is a lot, 1 is gone, all 0, no use Now. And then manage it, why? Southerners love to eat hot things, and they don't get used to the body in Beijing.

Lily water not only can drink, but also can be used as lotion, also has very good results. How to use lily water to skin care? It is very simple, in the lilies of drinking water, add more lilies on it. For example, an ordinary person drinks 10 grams of lily water and drinks it in the afternoon and evening. There is basically no taste. Lily water is not suitable for external use. If you want to wash, you'd better increase your dosage and add it to 30 grams a day. After you finish cooking in the morning, let it go. Then wash your face, and some people get used to bathing in the morning. After washing, take the water and gently pat the face, neck, hands and wrists, which can play a role in wrinkles.

Selected from: Chemical Industry Press "spent raising a woman happy life" Author: Wu true

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