14 common mistakes in family nutrition

Misunderstanding 1: The whiter the rice, the higher the quality

Analysis: The degree of whiteness of rice is related to the degree of removal of rice bran from the outer layer. The higher the degree of rice bran removal, the more nutrients are lost although the rice is white. Rice bran is rich in B vitamins and dietary fiber, rice germ contains vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Reminder: People who eat regular white rice are prone to vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 deficiency. Therefore, rice is not as white as possible.

Misunderstanding 2: Vegetable nutrition is not as good as fish and eggs

Analysis: Each type of food has its own characteristics of nutrient content, fish and eggs containing protein, fat, rich in vegetables, vitamins, minerals rich in carbohydrates and B vitamins in food.

Reminder: The human body needs a comprehensive balance of various nutrients, can not only focus on the intake of protein and fat, while ignoring the intake of vitamins and minerals.

Myth 3: Fruit instead of vegetables

Analysis: Fruit can be used as a supplement to vitamins and mineral nutrients, but can not replace vegetables; because the vitamins and minerals in fruits are not comprehensive enough, such as 100 grams of apple contains only vitamin C4 mg, while 100 grams of rape contain vitamin C36 Milligrams. In China's medical book 5,000 years ago, "The Emperor's Internal Classic," he pointed out that the "grain is for raising, five dishes for filling, five animals for benefits, and five fruits for help" dietary structure. Cereals are the main foods to nourish the body. Meat is the food that replenish the body (rich in protein and fat). Vegetables are the main foods to supplement vitamins and minerals. Fruits are supplemental foods for nutrients. Various types of foods have their own characteristics and Nutritional effects.

Reminder: All kinds of foods should be coordinated with each other, and fruits can not be used instead of vegetables, otherwise they can not be fully balanced nutrition.

Misunderstanding four: meat bone soup calcium supplement

Analysis: Many patients with fractures like to use bone soup to supplement calcium. In fact, the calcium content in meat bone soup is not high. Some people experimented and cooked soup with 1 kilogram of meat bones for 2 hours. The calcium content in the soup was only about 20 milligrams, but the meat bone soup has a high fat content because of bone marrow.

Reminder: The recommended daily intake of calcium for adults is 800 milligrams. Patients with fractures need more. The use of meat bone soup to supplement calcium is far from meeting the need. Milk or calcium preparations should be used to supplement calcium.

Myth 5: Patients with kidney stones cannot be supplemented with calcium. Analysis: Kidney stones are mostly calcium oxalate deposited in the urine, mainly due to excessive intake of oxalic acid. When the urinary tract is excluded, calcium is combined with calcium oxalate to form kidney stones. The key to prevention and treatment of kidney stones is to reduce the intake of foods containing more oxalic acid, such as spinach, straw, bamboo shoots, and so on. These foods should be eaten less and should be boiled to remove oxalic acid. Epidemiological population data also showed that people with more calcium intake had lower incidence of kidney stones than those with low calcium intake.

Reminder: The general dietary calcium intake is insufficient, calcium intake should be increased, calcium increased in the digestive tract, and oxalic acid to form calcium oxalate, reduce the absorption of oxalic acid, but also reduce the occurrence of kidney stones.

Myth 6: Fish without scales have high cholesterol

Analysis: This induction is not comprehensive enough. There are indeed some fish without scales with high cholesterol, such as silverfish with cholesterol 361mg%, Helan 177mg%, loach 136mg%, Astragalus 126mg%, carp 114mg%; but not all fish without scales are high cholesterol, such as octopus 76mg %, Shark 70mg%, 86% of grass fish with scales, 86mg% of yellow fish, 77mg% of carp, 86% of carp etc.

Misunderstanding 7: Eat less oyster sauce, eat more oil

Analysis: The oil is also fat, fat intake is too much, easy to cause obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver and other diseases, but unfavorable to the cardiovascular; and the polyunsaturated fatty acids in the oil are easily oxidized, epoxidation and Things that are harmful to human health.

Reminder: Vegetarian oil intake should not be too much, adult daily intake should be in the 20-25 grams, select a vegetable oil containing a higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil or tea oil is better.

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