What should I do if a sow loses her fetus?

The gestational sow's abdomen suffers from blows, collisions and injuries to the fetus. Pregnancy and infectious diseases (bruzobia, porcine parvovirus, Japanese encephalitis, pseudorabies, etc.) and chronic poisoning can cause fetal death.


The sow did not eat or eat at first, and her spirit was weak. She then became restless and bowed and her vagina was drained of dirty liquid. In the later stages of pregnancy, the abdomen of the sow is massaged by hand to check for no fetal movement. If the fetal death time is too long, the sick pig is sluggish and does not eat. Such as stillbirth corruption, sows often have elevated body temperature, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and other systemic symptoms, the vulva out of lochia, if not treated, often due to acute endometritis caused by sepsis death.


Strengthening the feeding and management of pregnant sows to prevent direct impact on the abdomen, the result has been diagnosed as stillbirth, intramuscular injection of prostaglandol or pituitrin 100,000 to 500,000 units, or internal use of trichlorfon tablets, every 4 kg of weight 1 tablet (0.5 g/tablet), once daily, once every 2 to 3 times, trichlorfon has the effect of promoting uterine muscle contraction and excreting stillbirth. Trichlorfon can be applied at the same time as oxytocin. If conditions permit, the fetus can be removed surgically.

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