Community ** Adds 29 kinds of chronic disease medication** can be reimbursed

The medicine I have been using, the community does not. This is the reason why many patients with chronic diseases don’t go to the community hospitals at their doorsteps and have to get up early to run for a large hospital. In this year, the community health service agencies in the city will increase 29 kinds of medications, most commonly used by patients with chronic diseases. Medical insurance can be reimbursed, which was revealed by the person in charge of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau when the Ministry of Health investigated the health care reform in Beijing on the 17th.

At present, there are 2100 kinds of drugs used in the city, of which 1373 are used by the community. However, there are still patients who can report that they are unable to buy some of the chronic diseases commonly used by the drug community. They also need to go to large hospitals. To this end, by the end of this year, the city will increase 29 kinds of community drugs such as Xuezhikang capsules.

In addition, some non-pharmacological interventions for community chronic disease management will also be included in Medicare reimbursement. At present, in some pilot chronic disease-managed communities, patients effectively inhibit the development of the disease through a number of non-pharmacological interventions, such as confidante health management. The Municipal People's Insurance Bureau stated that after the non-pharmaceutical intervention technology has been certified by the Municipal Health Bureau and the pricing of the Development and Reform Commission, the medical insurance will be reimbursed.

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