Price limit Moutai out of stock, the industry said the price promise is for show

Changsha can not buy 959 yuan at 53 degrees of new Flying Maotai. Reporter Li Danshe News reported on January 12th in Kweichow Moutai on January 7th and Hunan Province (city) 22 stores issued “Price Promise”: 53° new Flying Maotai, store designated price of 959 yuan, Shang Chao highest Retail price 1099 yuan. This is about 300 yuan lower than the previous market price. But is there such a good thing?

On January 12, our reporter chose to participate in the promised Maotai Store in Changsha City as a consumer to conduct visits and telephone consultations. The answers were as follows: The price was correct, but it was out of stock.

Wang Mao, a Changsha consumer who wants to buy a cheap Moutai, also touched a nose. "Draw a cake and give it to you. Isn't that funny to you?"


The price limit Moutai out of stock, to buy it had to wait for the counter salesperson of Hunan Sugar and Alcoholic Foods Co., Ltd., said that the store has no 53° new flying 500ml Moutai, it is estimated that it will take a few days to reach the young age, the price is probably 1,000 yuan or so.

The salesperson of Hunan Rencheng Trading Co., Ltd. Changsha store told the reporter that the new flying price of 53° was priced at 959 yuan, but there was no stock in the store. “When I can arrive, I do not know”.

The salesperson also told reporters that if the new goods are not available, the entire city of Changsha cannot add up to 40 bottles. “The first-tier dealers are out of stock, the second-tier dealers are even more unable to find the goods, and finally they will only put the previous inventory prices. Fry high."

The reporter asked if it is possible to get the goods through the road. It does not matter if it is slightly expensive. The salesperson stated that there was no way to think about it. "The head office shipments are from far to near, Hunan is relatively behind, and the province is a unified delivery."

Hunan Province source Taixiang Business Development Co., Ltd. Changsha store sales staff said, "2011 has not yet arrived, and now, the secondary dealers have sold more than 1,300 yuan a bottle."

Yuan Taixiang salesperson also recommended to reporters in 2007, 53 ° flying days, she said that this supply is sufficient, but the price should be more than 1,400 yuan.

The above-mentioned specialty stores or special distributors all told reporters that they did not accept reservations. The reason was: I do not know when the goods arrive and prices may change.


Limit price and price promise are both "shows"

So, Changsha consumers can wait for 959 yuan of Maotai?

A senior industry veteran in the wine industry told reporters that the 2011 Moutai has actually arrived one after another. It may be because the ice and snow weather is a little sluggish, but it will definitely not be the case where “a bottle is hard to find”.

In his view, the so-called "price promise" is a joke. "In addition to the first-tier dealers who are closely related to the winery, Maotai cannot control the subordinate channels."

In fact, even first-tier distributors may have multiple companies, and can be sold at high prices in other companies after the goods are available. "So, of course, there is no stock, and there are goods that have to be sold before the high prices of the previous goods." ".

Therefore, "enjoying" the price of 959 yuan will be an individual consumer with a good relationship with the dealers, and other people can only "endure" the high price of Maotai soaring.

However, the above-mentioned sources believe that “there are extremes in the opposite direction” and the price of Moutai will not be so strong. “As soon as the stock is quickly pulled up, there is always an adjustment period.”

Viewpoint famous financial commentator Yi Peng: At least the liquor industry must “thank itself for Maotai” because Maotai’s “leadership” effect has opened up the price adjustment space for many liquors without having to deal with “accounting for price increases”.

Famous brand strategy expert Li Guangdou: Reduce demand, that is, control of official use of wine, will be able to reduce the price of Maotai, Maotai governance from the channel, it is impossible to change the situation soaring prices.

Financial post-industry smoke: Dangerous Maotai newspaper Financial commentator Zhang Dehui Maotai worship seems to be getting worse recently. Before and after 3 years, the price of Maotai rose from 300 yuan/bottle to more than 1,200 yuan/bottle at present. Although the price of the factory was limited to 959 yuan, the result was fueled by fire, Changsha was valuable and goods were sold, and Guangzhou was sold in 1990. Yuan's. In the process, Nanjing also launched a special Moutai auction. A bottle of Moutai produced 135,000 yuan in price in 1968. Some people found that the price was cheaper in foreign countries, which led to a more lively rush to buy goods overseas. For a time, Maotai worship was very rampant. Someone shouted that Moutai was a luxury. “Mao Shi Maotai” also expressed its solemnity in its advertising campaigns – making “Mao Shi Maotai” a top luxury brand in China!

From a fundamental perspective, Maotai has the characteristics of a luxury brand, whether it is historical accumulation, unique quality or production process. However, from the point of view of Maotai's emotions, Maotai is farther and farther away from real luxury goods. What we are seeing is Maotai’s fall from being maliciously sold.

True luxury is pure, sunny and represents the unique soul of a nation and nation. Such as France's Hermes, Chanel, LV and other brands, it contains the French nation's romantic and uninhibited; specifically for the British royal family to manufacture cars, "Rolls-Royce", contains the elegance and gentleman of the England people, people are not Think of it as a government car. Instead, it is an outstanding representative of craftsmanship, culture, and status. It is pure and very essential; what is Maotai now? In addition to the gold medal of the 1915 Panama World Expo and the epithets that Premier Zhou used to entertain foreign guests and have been called “national wines” and “diplomatic wines”, the role played in the cultural heritage of China for many years is really lackluster. In particular, in the past 20 or 30 years, he basically acted as a stepping stone for public money trading and as a pawn for public money consumption. “The person who drinks does not buy, and the person who buys does not drink” is the label he gives to the public.

The real luxury goods mainly earn the money of the people of the world, while the Maotai liquor earns the special profit is the money of the domestic taxpayers; the real international price of luxury goods is always higher than the domestic price, and our so-called luxury goods such as Maotai, International pricing is always lower than in China; the real promotion strategy of luxury goods is life attitude, and the marketing focus of Maotai is the unspoken rules of the officialdom. The industry has this saying: “80 years old” Maotai is to give the level of ×××××× Drink; "50 years" is the level of drinking × × ×; "30 years" is to drink to the × × level; "15 years" is to drink at the level of ×. . . . . .

Maotai’s crazy price increase is not terrible. Compared to the sale of a French bottle of “Lafite” (US$160,000), Maotai’s so-called high price is not enough in the luxury goods industry. I sincerely hope that Kweichow Moutai can Remy Martin, Martell and other wines are competing against each other in the global luxury wine competition. The fear is that Moutai is being discarded and she really depends on becoming the core of the top luxury goods: from the time of Han Wudi.枸 枸酒,” later to the three major burnt workshops; from the Red Army’s Long March to Maotai, the injury to Nixon’s visit to China was to soak Moutai; the worst thing was that the pure Chinese story she was carrying was being rejected by men who did not feel responsible. We trample on it.

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