Several Causes of Diesel Burning Tiles

1. Do not pay attention to observing the oil gauge: When the diesel engine is working normally, the oil pressure should be between 0.15~0.25Mpa, and the idle oil pressure should not be less than 0.5MPa. 2. Lubricants are not clean: If dirty oil is added to the body, it will block the oil path and cause burns. 3, add oil to the amount of discomfort, too much formation of carbon deposition, too little, due to poor lubrication and burning tile holding shaft. The most common oil level is between the upper and lower scales of the dipstick. 4. Long-term overloading causes burning of tiles, long-term overload operation, high engine temperature, low rotation speed, increased bearing capacity of bearing bushes, corresponding reduction in oil supply of oil pump, and reduced viscosity of engine oil at high temperatures, which is more likely to cause burning of tiles. . 5, shaft and tile with the gap does not meet the standard. If the gap is too small, the oil will not enter easily and the oil film will not form. The clearance is too large, the oil is easily lost, and the oil film is difficult to form.

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