Problems Needing Attention in Tractor Trial Operation

1. When the locomotive is engaged, it is necessary to turn slowly to the left and right respectively, and try to advance and retreat each file.

2. Regularly inspect the tightening status of various parts of the locomotive, check whether the hydraulic pressure, water temperature, and fuel supply systems are normal and whether there is leakage. If there is a problem, it should be ruled out as soon as possible.

3. During the running-in period, special attention should be paid to listening to noises and abnormal noises in the engine, rear axle and transmission parts. Also pay attention to whether the operating device is flexible.

4. At the end of run-in, it is necessary to carefully check whether the free stroke of the valve clearance, clutch, brake and operating mechanism is within the normal range. If it is not normal, it must be adjusted in time. The oil in the oil pan and the curve (gear) oil and cooling water in various parts must be removed. Then, gradually clean, refuel, add water. And also replace the air filter core.

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