Sichuan will reduce the price of essential drugs and implement a net limit price adjustment

On December 3, the reporter learned from the website of the Provincial Department of Health that a few days ago the Health Department has issued a "Circular on the Dynamic Adjustment of the Limit Price of Basic Drugs in Sichuan Province." In the future, the price limit for basic medicines in Sichuan Province will be referenced to the provincial bids. The price is dynamically adjusted. This will further reduce the prices of essential drugs in the province.

According to the website of the Health Department, starting from November 24th, the Sichuan Provincial Basic Drug Purchase and Distribution Management Measures (Trial) has been adjusted. The original article on "The price of retail guides deducted 15% for the purchase price limit set by the national and Sichuan provincial competent pricing authorities" has been amended to read "The price of the national essential medicines and the concentrated procurement of basic medicines in Sichuan Province will be based on national and provincial prices. The prices of essential medicines published by the competent pricing department or the price of successful bids in other provinces shall be dynamically adjusted in due course." This revision or marks a lower ceiling for the concentration of essential drug purchases in the province.

The "Notice" stipulates that according to the newly revised "Measures", it is decided that the limit price of the basic drugs in the province should be dynamically adjusted with reference to the bid price of other provinces. The scope of dynamic adjustment covers a total of 338 kinds of drugs involved in the “Basic Components of the 2009 Edition of the National Essential Drug List” and the “Clinical Supplementary Drug List for the Essential Medicines of the State in Sichuan Province”, and the varieties that need to be in the range of more than October 23, 2010 are still Our province is involved in the purchase of essential drugs on the Internet.

With regard to the “price of other provinces winning bids”, the “Notice” was interpreted as the bid price of drugs that were still being implemented on October 18, 2010 collected on the website of the Ministry of Health. However, the price of successful bids for other provinces is not acceptable: if the retail price exceeds the current national retail price in compliance with the national regulations, and the relevant documents or proofs of the local drug tendering agency prove that the winning bid is still in the winning bid area There are no transactions made over the years.

According to the "Notice", in the dynamic adjustment, the same drug generic name, the same product specifications, the same quality level of the drug, the selected provincial price of all the production companies can be used to calculate the average price of the product regulations. If the difference is within the parity relationship, the average price of all products in the province is higher than or equal to the price limit of the province's grid connection. If the average price of any product in the province is lower than the price limit in Sichuan, the drug will be included. This dynamic adjustment limit will reduce the range of varieties. If the low-cost source of provincial average price is less than the price of the three provinces, the second-lowest provincial average price is selected as the basis for dynamic adjustment.

According to the “Notice”, after the drug manufacturer confirms the results of the dynamic adjustment, the province’s online medical institutions will follow the time stipulated in the document. If it is not confirmed, the online centralized procurement of the drug in Sichuan Province will be cancelled.

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