Harvest of Agaricus bisporus and bed management after harvest

When the cap of the fruiting body grows to 3-5 cm in diameter, but it has not been opened, it can be harvested. Do not damage the material surface during harvesting. Do not injure the surrounding young mushrooms and hyphae. Use the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger to pinch the cap and twist it gently. The density of the mushroom body at the end of the mushrooming period is small. You can use the method of mushrooming, that is, use the left hand to hold the soil layer near the mushroom shank, and gently pull out the mushroom shank with your right hand. This method can pull out the aged mycelium together and play a role. Update mycelium and ripping. If the mushrooms are clustered together, they can be cut carefully with a knife. Do not move the whole clump so as not to affect the growth and development of the undeveloped mushroom. After each harvest, a second mushroom can be produced in a few days, and generally 6-9 mushroom can be harvested.

After harvesting for a few days, nutrients and water in the culture medium are consumed in large amounts. The 1% sucrose water, 0.2% urea solution, 0.5% ammonium sulfate solution, and 0.5% superphosphate solution should be used in combination with water spray. In the material, topdressing. Top dressing can be carried out after harvesting 2-3 times. Fertilizer should be applied sparingly and industriously. Do not apply too much at one time to avoid damage to mycelium and young mushrooms.

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