Extension of tomato results three methods

After the first-generation tomatoes are ripened and harvested, the pressure-seed method cuts off the yellow branches of the leaves and retains the new branches with the ability to flourish. A ditches with a length of 20 cm and a depth of about 15 cm are dug on the side of the main trunk and buried after fertilization. Into the ditch, and then watering, so that the vines soon rooted. Such new roots and old roots jointly absorb water and fertilizer, and the plant type grows rapidly and results in flowering again.

After the first generation of the cut-stem method tomatoes were harvested, the dead old branches and leaves were cut off, and then the roots were fertilized and watered to promote new shoots, rapid growth, and re-flowering.

Transplanting tomato roots prone to secondary roots, in the vicinity of the ground can produce more tiller seedlings, these branching branches grow quickly after transplanting, generally 7 to 10 days can be the result. If the ground is dry, it can be watered around the trunk to promote secondary tillers. When there is a small amount of white spots at the root of the litchi seedlings, they can be transplanted to survive, and the results can be quickly flowered.

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