Star Branch Seeks FDA Approval to Sell New Products

Tobacco maker Star Corporation said it developed a wet smokeless tobacco with a lower carcinogenic chemical content than any other tobacco product on the market.

This small company in Virginia sells mouth-watering tobacco blocks. It said on January 4

What should I do if a sow loses her fetus?

The gestational sow's abdomen suffers from blows, collisions and injuries to the fetus. Pregnancy and infectious diseases (bruzobia, porcine parvovirus, Japanese encephalitis, pseudorabies, etc.) and chronic poisoning can cause fetal death.


The sow did not eat o

Common methods for aphrodisiac

Sex-induced aphrodisiac places female rabbits that have not been estrus for a long time or refuse mating into a male rabbit cage. After chasing, climbing, and other stimuli, the female rabbit is still returned to the original cage. After 2 or 3 such stimuli, the mother can be induced to in