Australian breed test tube shark

Twenty-seven years after the birth of the world's first test-tube baby, Australian scientists are ready to use the test tube nursery program on gray nurse sharks to save this endangered object.
In this 10-year research plan, the Australian government will spend US$ 189,400 on artifici

Sheep domestication and management

Sheep, also known as Theron, Mole. The sheep's head is large and flat, and its vision is extremely undeveloped. Its back hair is silver-gray and slightly pale in color. They are mainly distributed in the northeastern western part of China, north Hebei, Inner Mongolia, northwestern mountain

U.S. researchers develop high protein functional purple wheat

A few days ago, the United States Illinois Institute of Agriculture developed a WS3 purple wheat. This purple wheat is rich in lysine and protein. According to the determination, the lysine content of this WS3 purple wheat is 35% higher than that of common wheat, and the protein content is mor

The distinction between bio-organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer

How to quickly and easily distinguish between bio-organic fertilizers and other organic fertilizers? Quick and easy distinction between bio-organic fertilizers and other organic fertilizers can be done in two ways: First, by visual identification. Under the action of beneficial microorganisms,

Summer flower care knowledge

Jasmine summer is the flowering period of jasmine. Spraying foliage on sunny days with clear water can significantly stimulate flowering. During this period, water and fertilizer should be sufficient to facilitate flowering. Orchids are the season for growing orchids in summer. It is necessary

Judgment on the continued use of motor oil

It is usually judged empirically that if the service time is approximately 200 hours, the oil has turned black and the viscosity has become too viscous or too thin, and the oil should be replaced in time.
It can also be judged by some simple inspection methods, such as comparing the new e

Fur finishing and storage

First, fresh skin to scrape off grease, residual meat.
Fox, raccoon, otters, and raccoon rabbits are accompanied by some grease, residual meat, and contaminated blood on peeled fresh skin and skin. These substances must be promptly removed. If you open a piece of skin, put the board down,

How to transport chicks long distances

First, the choice of vehicles and appliances.
For long-distance transporting youngsters, it is advisable to use modified passenger cars or trucks equipped with ventilation devices or heating/cooling air conditioners in order to ensure that the large amounts of heat emitted by the chicks a

Early vegetables in July

The temperature in July was the highest, from drought to drought, strong winds, and more Nanyang winds. The Meiyu season ended in the early days and the summer season began with hot and rainy weather or showers or heavy rain. Summer cabbage, early autumn Chinese cabbage Summer cabbage is gener

Prevention and Control of Orchid Anthrax

The most common and common disease of orchids is anthrax. The disease damages the leaves of orchids and often occurs at the tip and edge of orchid leaves. Leaf disease, initially round or oval black small spots, gradually expanded after the middle of the lesion was light brown or dark brown or

Resistant to light and high temperature transgenic plants

British scientists have recently cultivated a genetically modified plant that is more resistant to light and heat than ordinary plants. This method helps to cultivate crops that can withstand harsh conditions. Scientists at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom published a paper in