Soybean yield increase seven methods

1, topdressing fertilizer Hua Fei fertilizer should be applied in the early flowering period, with nitrogen and phosphorus as well. Mu with 3-5 kg ​​of urea, superphosphate 7.5-10 kg, 5-7 cm in the root side of soybean planting, Shi after soil cover fertilizer. 2, spraying foliar fertilizer soybean flowering to the drum grain period, spraying multiple compound nutrient solution, can increase grain growth. Add 50 grams of urea, 100 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 100 grams of borax, and 25 grams of ammonium molybdate to 50 kg of water. Stir it evenly over the front and back of the soybean leaves. Spray 2-3 times, each time. Liquid 50-75 kg. 3, topping the flowering of soybean and the end of the period, the election of sunny days for the indeterminate clam type cultivar removed the top growth point. 4, spraying paclobutrazol soybean flowering 7 days before flowering until about 7 days after flowering, mu with 15% paclobutrazol WP 50-100 grams, add water 50-75 kg, diluted and evenly spray on the positive and negative sides of the blade. Indefinitely crusted varieties and good growing soybeans should be applied early and reused. 5、Spraying the first flowering stage and blooming stage of each spray of diiodobenzoic acid 1 times, the initial flowering period spraying concentration is 100 mg/kg, the flowering period is 200 mg/kg, and the pure product is firstly proportioned by 1:100 before spraying. Soluble in alcohol, diluted with water and evenly sprayed, 50 kg per mu spray liquid. Early maturing varieties or poorly growing soybeans should not be used. 6. When spraying 4 pieces of compound leaves of Chlorophyll Soybean, the mu should be sprayed once with a 0.1% solution of Chlormequat 50 kg. The initial flowering period should be sprayed once with a 0.5% solution of Chlormequat. 7. Spraying sodium bisulphite Soybeans are sprayed once at the initial flowering stage and full flowering stage. Each time, 10 g of sodium bisulfite is used per mu, and 75 kg diluted with water is sprayed after being diluted.

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