Mushroom anti-aging four methods

First, water soaking: water can insulate the air, make the mushroom discoloration slow, full body posture. However, it is required that the quality of water contains low iron content and must not be soaked with iron utensils and water with high iron content.
Second, sodium metabisulfite t

Rice Transplanting New Technology Diskless Drought

Rice-free dry-landing and seedling-casting technology is a new technology that uses a disc-free throwing agent, a dry seedling raising technology, and a throwing-out technology. It uses "dry nurse nanny" super absorbent seed coating agent for seed coating, the implementation of dry a

Which chemical fertilizers should not be applied to vegetables?

Ammonium Nitrate Other nitrate fertilizers should not be applied to vegetables. Nitrate ammonia fertilizers will increase nitrate content in vegetables after being applied to vegetable fields. Nitrate is easily reduced to nitrite and nitrite in human body. It is a highly toxic substance that i

Diesel engine tanks often wash

Many diesel engines are used in rural areas, but some farmers' friends do not pay attention to the cleaning of the fuel tank. After the agricultural machinery is used for a period of time, various impurities in the diesel oil will precipitate at the bottom of the tank. Because many diesel

Lily dwarf cultivation techniques

The lily is one of the five famous fresh-cut flowers. In recent years, potted lilies have risen quietly, supplementing the shortcomings of cut lily. High-quality potted plants require a compact, compact plant with thick stems and leafy flowers. The plant height of most white lily varieties is

Wort fermented beverage processing technology

Barley (Hordeumluvgare L.), alias buckwheat, rice, barley, etc., is a grass plant, ranking fourth in the world's food crops, followed only by wheat, rice and corn, its use is quite extensive, in food , Feeding, brewing, medicine, textiles, nuclear industry, weaving technology, etc. have a

Wheat seeder operation technology Raiders

First, the inspection and maintenance of the seeder 1. The seeder should be promptly injected to the various oiling points before work to ensure that the running parts are fully lubricated. Lost or damaged parts should be promptly added, replaced and repaired. Caution Do not apply oil to gears

Mallard efficient fattening

Category: Farming Technology/Animal Biology Principles and Breeding Techniques Scope of Application: Unrestricted Mallards are a new type of special duck species that have been domesticated and bred by American wild ducks. Duck meat has the nutritional characteristics of fresh meat, delicious

Farm Machinery Standards: T60 tractor synthesis

Agricultural machinery standards: T60 tractor integrated GB6376 - 1995 tractor noise limit GB/T6960.1 - 1995 tractor terminology machine GB/T6960.2 - 1995 tractor terminology transmission system GB/T6960.3 - 1995 tractor term The term brake system GB/T6960.4-1995 tractor terminology wheeled wa

Autumn Chinese Winter Cabbage Field Water and Fertilizer Management

The management of water and fertilizer is an important key to the high yield of Chinese cabbage. When planting Chinese cabbage for autumn and winter, it should be properly managed according to the climatic conditions and the requirements for water and fertilizer of Chinese cabbage at each prod

Garlic-free soilless cultivation technology

Garlic yellow is a treasure in vegetables. If you can control the temperature with a wooden box for garlic and yellow soilless cultivation, can be subject to seasonal restrictions, simple cultivation techniques, better efficiency. 1, species selection. Choose early and middle-maturing high-yie

Soybean yield increase seven methods

1, topdressing fertilizer Hua Fei fertilizer should be applied in the early flowering period, with nitrogen and phosphorus as well. Mu with 3-5 kg ​​of urea, superphosphate 7.5-10 kg, 5-7 cm in the root side of soybean planting, Shi after soil cover fertilizer. 2, spraying foliar