Tractor Lubrication Notes

The standard for oil added by oil tractors is to make the surface of oil in the oil pan of the engine lie between the upper and lower scales of the oil scale, and it is better to add high quality lubricants. Tractors to add lubricants should pay attention to the following three bogeys. …

Advance into the future world tour robot to achieve telemedicine

If you see the robot "Bessie" at the Baylor University Medical Center, you may feel like you are in the future. It has led people into the future world ahead of time and enjoys cutting-edge scientific results. With it, doctors can conduct examinations for patients t

Garden machinery maintenance tips

Stroke machines mainly include Still Steel brush cutters (Knapsack mowers) FS100 and FS130 (Knapsack mowers) and Komatsu brush cutters (Knapsack mowers) BC3410FW.

1. The fuel of the four-stroke gasoline engine is clean gasoline (above 90#), and the lubricating oil is SAE30 four-str

All kinds of tea processing machinery maintenance and repair

First, tea kneading machine maintenance and repair

The kneading machine is a relatively mature machine in the processing of tea. The commonly used models include Type 25, Type 30, and Type 35. There are two kinds of pressurized forms, hammer type and single column screw. The kneadi

Why are broilers dead?

Recently, a farmer in Dongxuegou Village, Tangtang County, purchased 1,500 broilers. They developed symptoms at 3 days of age and became sick on the 7th day of life, killing more than a dozen a day. He came to the veterinary clinic to diagnose chicken colibacillosis with sodium selenite an

Anemarrhena cultivars grow

Anemarrhenae, a perennial perennial plant, has a warm and warm climate and is resistant to cold and drought. It is better to use sandy loam with loose, fertile and well-drained soil, and it is not appropriate to plant on shady slopes and low-lying land. Every spring, the average daily temp

Anaerobic incubator safety operation precautions

First, the operation room anaerobic environment formation 1. Place the necessary accessories and utensils according to the use requirements, and put two non-toxic plastic bags into the operation room.
2. Turn on the light through the power supply, turn on

Reduction of rabbit feed waste methods and methods

A reasonable mix of feeds ensures that the balance of energy and protein in the diet will be relatively balanced. Should pay attention to the balance between amino acids, moderate calcium and phosphorus ratios.

Feeding trough, straw frame structure and height are suitable. The heig

How to raise bees in the summer

Cultivation of age-appropriate winter bees in summer and autumn

The so-called age-approaching winter bees refer to worker bees who have not participated in collection activities and have performed excretion flights. If there are many overwintering bees in the swarm, the overwinteri

Yellow tail ball

Scientific name Sphaeroderma apicale Baly Coleoptera, Lepidoptera. Distribution of Ningxia, Gansu, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan and other provinces.

Host corn, sorghum, millet, wheat, rice, bamboo and various grasse

Pay attention to the fermentation of Agaricus bisporus culture material

The quality of the fermentation material of the culture material directly affects the production of the Agaricus bisporus. In the fermentation of Agaricus bisporus culture materials, many mushroom farmers have reduced the yield and quality due to their contempt for the fermentation of cult

Microbial identification method: molecular biology method

1, DNA base ratio
The DNA base ratio [(G+C) mol%] is expressed as the amount fraction (mol%) of the G+C substance:
(G+C) mol%=(G+C)/(A+T+G+C)%
The ratio varies widely, with prokaryotes ranging from 20-78% and eukaryotes ranging from 30% to 60%.