Screw compressors take advantage of the trend, win the market and win

Screw compressors take advantage of the trend, win the market and win

Release time:2010-4-23

With the popularization and promotion of heat pump technology in the refrigeration industry, screw compressors , which are one of the core structures of ground source heat pump refrigeration equipment, are also welcoming a new round of development opportunities under the trend of low carbon economy.

In recent years, the demand for screw refrigeration compressors in China has grown rapidly. The downstream industries of screw refrigeration compressors are mainly commercial central air conditioning industry and industrial refrigeration industry. With the introduction of the current low-carbon concept and the emergence of a low-carbon economy, the requirements of the country, enterprises and individuals for the comfort of life, work environment, environmental protection and energy conservation are constantly improving, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly commercial central air conditioners will usher in The momentum of rapid development. The statistics of the central air conditioner industry show that China's central air-conditioning market is growing at a high rate, with an annual growth rate of 48%. Driven by real estate development, department store warehousing logistics, and large-scale public building construction, the commercial central air-conditioning industry continues to be in strong demand. It is estimated that the average annual growth rate of central air-conditioner sales will be about 10% to 20% from 2009 to 2012. The screw unit will be greatly developed. In the central air conditioning field of the medium-sized 30RT-500RT, the screw compressor has gradually replaced the piston compressor and occupied the market.

China's refrigeration and refrigeration industry accounts for about 24% of the entire refrigeration industry. Although it is lower than the international mature market by about 40%, it also shows that the market potential of the refrigeration and refrigeration industry is very high, especially screw compressors . Because the screw compressor is suitable for the long-term operation of 24 hours, and the technology in the low temperature system is continuously improved, its performance and efficiency are greatly improved. It is believed that in the near future, for the domestic market, it has already become a developed country in Europe and America. The standard screw compressor of the cryogenic refrigeration system must have a lot to offer.

The screw compressor industry is a technology-intensive industry. The production process is relatively complex, the processing precision is high, and the difficulty of product and technology update is correspondingly increased. The sustainable development of the enterprise requires certain research and development strength and technical reserves, and also requires certain The accumulation of practical experience. At present, the brands of screw refrigeration compressors in the domestic market, such as BITZER, Lai Fu Kang and other companies are representatives of foreign brands, while domestic screw compressor manufacturers improve the technical content of products through technology introduction, technical cooperation or independent research and development. And the performance quality, such as Hanzhong, Fusheng and other domestic production of screw compressors, has also been in line with the international advanced level, has become the leader of China's own brands.

As is known to all, in recent years, screw compressors have quickly occupied the market for large-capacity reciprocating compressors due to their high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, good dynamic balance, strong adaptability, and good gas volume regulation. And continue to extend to the medium-capacity market, widely used in refrigeration equipment such as refrigeration, refrigeration, air conditioning and chemical processes. In the case of HVAC, there are many types of heating and cooling equipment such as air heat source type, water heat pump type, heat recovery type, and ice storage type, which require a screw compressor. In the industrial sector, in order to save energy, a screw heat pump is also used for heat recovery.

Compared with other types of refrigeration compressors on the market, screw compressors are hundreds or even thousands of times more powerful than fully enclosed piston compressors and scroll compression mechanisms; Compared with the open-piston refrigeration compressors used in cold storage, the centrifugal compressors of the chillers can be applied regardless of the refrigeration or air-conditioning conditions. In this way, the screw compressor in the market, Zui big competitor, is the same widely used semi-closed piston refrigeration compressor, but the semi-closed piston refrigeration compressor single unit cooling capacity in the range of 3KW-100KW, In a wide range of refrigeration or air conditioning conditions, multiple machines must be connected to achieve the effect, while the screw compressor single unit 30KW-1500KW cooling capacity is sufficient to cope with various refrigeration ranges and easy to adjust, that is, screw compressor The degree of application and market competitiveness, as far as the industry's similar products, can be said that Zui has an advantage.

Under the premise of broad market prospects, screw compressors and related enterprises that are in line with the development direction of low-carbon energy-saving in the refrigeration industry have also taken a lot of space for their own development and development, while high-efficiency, low-energy and environmentally-friendly screw compressors Products will inevitably be recognized by the market, and then win the victory in the brutal competition of the refrigeration industry, take advantage of the trend, win the market and win, is the era of screw compressors in the low-carbon economy.

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