Mushroom mushroom mushroom management and post-harvest treatment

The twin pack mushroom is China's largest export-oriented foreign mushroom, with the main producing areas in Fujian, Shanghai, Hunan and Guangxi. Currently at the stage of mushroom management, we will briefly introduce some management techniques at this stage:

Spring mushroom management of spring mushroom accounts for about 30% of total production. After mid-March, the temperature gradually rises. When it is stable above 10°C, the soil moisture can be gradually adjusted to meet the needs of the mushroom. When diverting water, first spray PH8-9 lime water supernatant, when the temperature is below 15 °C, combined with spray fertilizer. In April, when the temperature reached 15-25°C, it was a period in which a large number of spring mushroom occurred, and the amount of water spray should be increased. The temperature in May is often above 25°C. The amount of water evaporation is large and the spring mushroom is about to end. The water content of the soil layer can be raised to the highest limit. The amount of water sprayed per square meter of fungal bed is about 0.5 kg per day. Plenty of mushrooms.

The general principle of Spring Mushroom water transfer is: stable in March, accurate in April, and in May. In the spring, the temperature is not stable, and water spray and ventilation should be taken to avoid the cold currents and dry hot winds, so as to avoid a large number of dead mushrooms. And often spray lime, in time to adjust the decreasing pH.

Post-harvest mushrooms are often harvested 5-7 days after budding and can be harvested 8-10 days after budding at low temperatures. In southern areas such as Hunan, 2-3 batches can be harvested in autumn and winter. The first tidal mushroom has the best quality and the highest yield. After berthing in February, it can also receive 4-5 batches of mushrooms in the spring. At present, mushroom species cultivated in the country are often mushroomed in the temperature range of 13-20°C, and the mushrooms are neat and of good quality at 16-18°C. Mushrooms are harvested when the fruit fungal membrane is not broken, and the mushroom is broken after opening. Mushrooms are of low secondary prices and are not widely sold. The harvested mushrooms are handled and graded and shipped to the factory for processing or sales. Transport packaging should be provided with a soft liner to prevent crushing and bruising. At present, the processing of mushrooms is mainly processed into canned foods, followed by salt processing into brine mushrooms or slices for drying.

The key technology of China's mushroom production is low. Ways to overcome are: First, through the efforts of edible mushroom scientific research workers, the selection of high-quality and high-yield strains; Second, the introduction of foreign high-quality high-yield strains. At present, Ag2796 strains are often used in production, and secondary fermentation and peat soils as cover materials and application of increased yields and other high-yield measures are promoted.

An international issue in the mushroom cultivation of pests and diseases seriously affects the yield and quality of mushrooms. The principle of "prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control" must be implemented. The main prevention and control measures are "standardization of mushroom houses, clean environment, reasonable ratio of carbon and nitrogen for culture, and implementation of secondary fermentation technology; selection of high-yield strains that are pure, non-hybrid, and highly viable; timely sowing; soil particles exposed to the sun or 800 times After the carbendazim treatment, the soil is covered; the contradiction between the temperature, humidity, and gas of the mushroom house is handled; the diseases, insects, dead mushrooms, and edodes of the mushroom bed are removed timely and seriously; Frames should be rotated or eliminated.

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