Management measures after autumn celery planting

First, keep the water. Regular watering after planting to prevent surface drought and cracking. When a new leaf grows after 10 days, watering is stopped, rows of cultivating loose soil, 2 to 3 days before watering, and no watering for 4 to 5 days thereafter.

Second, carry out seedlings to promote hair roots.

Third, about 15 days after easing the seedlings, spraying a new high-fat membrane to promote seedling growth.

4. After the plants are sealed, due to the moist soil, a large number of white roots will appear on the surface, and the temperature is appropriate. This is an opportune time to seize high yields and to achieve a balance between water and fertilizer.

Fifth, from about 20 days before harvest, spraying every 3 to 5 days of new high-fat film + vegetable Zhuang stalk, thickening stems, lush plants, pure taste.

Before and after the cold dew, the temperature dropped, and the growth was slow. The water could be poured once every 10 to 15 days. The tree maintenance general was sprayed 20 days before harvesting. When the minimum temperature reached -2°C at night, it was harvested for marketing or storage.

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