Appropriate top-dressing for promoting large spikes in late corn growth

Maize plants from the jointing booting to the heading and flowering period, the fast growth rate, absorption of nutrients, is the key period of sucking fertilizer; after flowering and pollination, the absorption of nutrients, but the slow absorption rate. As far as corn is concerned, the n

Snacks When the breakfast ruined your stomach did not discuss

Breakfast and lunch are good for an interval of 4-5 hours, which means that it is most appropriate to eat breakfast at 7-8, because people's appetite is most prosperous. If the breakfast is earlier, the number should increase accordingly or advance the lunch accordingly.


Old man eats fish canned child eats canned fruit

Eat two or three times a week

Canned food has always been very popular abroad. In 2009 alone, Americans consumed canned food worth $25.4 billion.

In the United States, cans are stored in the kitchens and basements of every household. They think that this is an essential res

Yongxi Huoqing Production Process

Place of origin: Jing County, Anhui, China.
History: Yongxi Huqing originated in the Ming Dynasty. Regarding its origins, there is a legend in the local area that there was a scholar named Liu Jin in Yongxi County in the ancient times. Mr. Luo Han nicknamed a “gold and silver te

The processing technology of licorice carambola

This product is a kind of cool fruit. The raw material used can be dried or salted carambola. The processing technology is as follows:
1. Raw material treatment: Carambola should be soaked in water for about 1 hour. The purpose is to allow dried products to re-hydrate to a semi-dry state

The mysterious effect of tomato scrambled eggs

To ask what you learned about the first home cooking, the answer for many people may be tomato scrambled eggs. It is an ordinary mass dish in many people's families, but at the same time it has a mysterious effect that cannot be underestimated!

The nine magical functions and ef

6 kinds of vegetables are most vulnerable to food poisoning

Spring is a season of high food poisoning. So what kind of food is most likely to cause food poisoning? Xiaohua made up some of them and must pay attention when eating these foods!

One, green beans

The most common is the unfried green beans, which contain saponin, which can

Straw covered autumn yam cultivation techniques

The autumnal potato is one of the major late autumn crops in Chongqing, and it is also a late autumn crop with a high commodity rate. The use of rice straw to cover the autumn sea buckwheat not only has the advantages of labor saving, time saving, heat preservation, moisturizing, and preve