Good feed for chickens - beer grains

First, the role of brewers' grains 1. Supplement with real protein. Brewer's grain fermentation temperature at 40 °C, can break down fungal protein. Such as yeast, lactic acid bacteria, cocci, Bacillus subtilis, streptococcus faecalis and other chicken intestinal absorption of the t

Chinese forest frog breeding technology

1. The industrial significance of Rana sylvatica in China, Rana chensinensis is a frog species that combines medicinal use, food, and health care. It is also known as “the four treasures”, Hericium erinaceus, bear's paw, and dragon, and the national second class protected anima

Study on the Processing of Flavored Freshwater Fish Fillets

Freshwater fishery is a pillar industry of the aquaculture industry. Freshwater fish is a good source of protein. With the rapid development of freshwater fisheries and the continuous advancement of aquaculture technology, fish production has increased significantly, especially for the four ma

Prevention and Control of Rice Stripe Leaf Blight

For rice varieties with low or no resistance to large-scale stripe blight, the main point of disease prevention is to avoid or reduce the transmission of poisoning by SBPH. Before and after wheat harvest, it was the peak period of the generation of Laodelphax striatellus moving from wheat fiel