Dry bamboo shoots processing technology

Bamboo bamboo shoots will be listed in large quantities. How to get bamboo shoots to grow bamboo shoots under the premise of keeping bamboo shoots and raising bamboo shoots in order to obtain the best economic benefits is a concern for operators. The processing technology of the special bamboo shoots dried bamboo shoots (ie, dried bamboo shoots) is described as follows: 1. Processing equipment and precautions 1. Processing equipment: Choose a small stream, a small stream, and a small canal with a clean water flow. Workshop), and prepare cooking stoves, even pot ravioli, wooden press, drying room and so on. 2. Selection of materials: Choose healthy bamboo shoots as raw materials, remove dead bamboo shoots, shoot pests and shoots, and change quality bamboo shoots. 3. Process in time: fresh bamboo shoots should be excavated within 24 hours and shelling and cooking should be completed. Otherwise, bamboo shoots age and deteriorate. Second, the processing method l, shelling: first use a knife to cut the sharp shell, then use the tip to cut a straight line from top to bottom, deep bamboo shoots; then insert the blade into the joints of bamboo shoots and shoots, this Take the bamboo shoot's left hand to turn the bamboo shoot body to the left and the right hand to cut the knife to the right. The bamboo shoot shell is removed. Finally cut the bamboo shoot and flatten the root bud. 2, cooking (burning): the shelled bamboo shoots put people in the pan pot, but first put in the pot at the bottom of the ring pad, and then put the bamboo shoots upside down in the raft, add water with fire Cook for 2-3 hours. The characteristics of the bamboo shoots being cooked is that the bamboo shoots turn from white to jade white, the appearance of the oil is smooth, the bamboo body becomes soft, and the buds of bamboo shoots are changed from red to blue. When inserting the iron brazing to the internodes of the large bamboo shoots, heat is emitted. , And there is the sound of "噗嗤", this time the bamboo shoots are ripe. The surface of dried bamboo shoots made of immature bamboo shoots has a white layer. The food is hard but not brittle; the surface of dried bamboo shoots made of over-mature bamboo shoots turns red, and the food is soft and odorless. Remove the short bamboo shoots, broken bamboo shoots, and bamboo shoots from the pan, and then boil the second pan. Change the water every time you cook 2-3 pans. Otherwise, the dried bamboos will turn red and reduce the quality and value. 3. Rinsing: Cooked bamboo shoots are removed from the pot and placed in a large cask to be rinsed with running cold water. Then all the bamboo shoots are pierced with iron. Allows internal heat to penetrate and facilitates dehydration. After a night's rinsing, the large bamboo shoots were cut and no heat was felt by hand. 4. Pressing: The rinsing of the shoot body and the tail of the appendix is ​​stratified and laid flat on the press. Slowly pressurize. After 1-2 hours, the loose crushed and then heavy weight. Until the squeezed water is foamy and reddish, it indicates that it has been compacted. As long as it is not squeezed, it will not deteriorate in a few weeks. 5, drying or drying: First, dry. Choose the sunny day and put the bamboo shoots on the sun mat to let it shine. But to regular flip, when the sun to 90% dry, on the board after the first layer of staggered layered flat, and then covered with wood and add weight to allow it to naturally regain and flatten, and then dry for 3-5 days is completely Drying (in case of rainy days, it should be dried in order to avoid spoilage of bamboo shoots) Second, drying. Dried bamboo shoots dried with charcoal and sawdust are better than dried ones but costly. During the baking process, the smoke should be discharged outside the drying room. Otherwise, the dried bamboos will be blackened and deteriorated and cannot be eaten. After the bamboo shoots are dried, they can be squeezed and shot. First wash with clean water, then use bamboo sticks to put the size bamboo shoots and hang them on the bamboo shoots. After the water droplets dry, put them into the baking room and bake. The fire at the beginning should be large and the temperature should be high. Otherwise, the dried bamboo shoots are blackened. After 3-4 hours, the firepower can be smaller, but it should be uniform. During the baking process, the bamboo shoots should be turned frequently to make it dry evenly. Generally 500 kilograms of dried bamboo shoots can be completely dried in about 5-6 days. There are two ways to identify whether it is dry or not: First, dry dried bamboo shoots should be cut to a large size. If the middle light red color is eliminated, the overall color is uniform. It shows that it has been dried, and the second is dried bamboo shoots, with the thumb slamming on the bamboo shoots. It indicates that it has been dried. 6, classification, packaging, storage: According to the individual size, length, length, old tender, color, etc. of dried bamboo shoots are divided into three levels, with a double plastic film mounted and sealed, placed in a carton or bamboo basket, in a dry and ventilated warehouse Internal storage.

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