Reasons for the slippage of the clutch of the automobile and its remedies

When clutch slip occurs, correct fault analysis should be performed. (1) Causes of slipping of the clutch 1 Excessive wear of the friction plate of the driven plate or exposure of the rivet; 2 The spring of the clutch pressure plate is too soft or broken; 3 The free travel of the clutch pedal is too small; 4 The oil on the friction plate of the driven plate hardens or becomes hardened. ; 5 Clutch and flywheel engagement bolt loose; 6 Clutch master cylinder return oil plug is blocked. (2) Troubleshooting order and side 1 Check the pedal free stroke, if it does not meet the standard value, should be adjusted; 2 If the free trip is normal, you should remove the bottom cover of the clutch, check the clutch cover and the flywheel engagement bolt is loose, if loose , Should be tightened; 3 Look at the edge of the clutch friction plate if there is oil thrown off, if there is oil, it should be removed and cleaned with gasoline or alkaline water, and then find out the source of oil pollution and remove it; 4 If found serious friction plate Wear, exposure of rivets, aging, hardening, burnout, and soaking in oil must wait until a new piece is replaced. Replace the new friction plate with no cracks or breakage. The depth of the rivet should meet the requirements. 5 Check the clutch master pump return hole, such as Clogging of the oil hole should be cleared; 6 If the above-mentioned inspection, adjustment and repair still fail to solve the problem, disassemble the clutch and check the spring force of the pressure plate spring. Pressure plate spring is good, the length should be consistent, such as uneven, should replace the new products, such as a slight reduction in elasticity, the length difference is not large, can be adjusted under the spring to adjust the gasket.

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