Analysis on the Causes of Uniform Rotation of Two-cylinder Diesel Engines

The unevenness of the rotation speed of the two steel diesel engines and the idling of the horizontal bar, for the diesel engine that does not last long, is mostly an accidental cause. For diesel engines with long working hours, most of them are due to inconsistent wear of the two steel parts. In order to determine which cylinder is not working properly, the single-bar broken fuel method can be used when the diesel engine is in operation. That is, loosen the link between the high pressure fuel line and the fuel injector so that fuel cannot enter the combustion chamber. If the work of the diesel engine does not change much at this time, it means that the steel is not working well; if the diesel engine works significantly worse, it means that the steel works normally. After determining the working conditions of the two steels, the approximate location of the fault should also be determined. For this purpose, the fuel injector should be removed from the cylinder head, and then installed with the high-pressure fuel pipe. Turn the diesel engine to observe the atomization of the injector. If the two steels are even, the fault may be in the gas distribution system or cylinder liner. On the piston ring, if there is a big difference in the atomization of the two steels, the parts of the fuel system should be inspected.

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Fluorine-Containing Phenol

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