The processing of strange corn beans

The production of strange-tempered corn beans is a simple and profitable way to make a fortune. It has very little investment, and families or peasant households can spend a few tens of dollars on processing and gradually develop from a small amount of production. The production method of strange-tempered corn beans is described as follows: 1. Raw materials: 100 kg of corn kernels (also known as pearls), 30 kg of white sugar, 10 kg of salt, 20 kg of vinegar, 5 kg of pepper noodles, 3 kg of chili powder, and 1 g Kilograms, aniseed (fennel) 200 grams. 2, production methods: Wash corn kernels first soaked, add water to the pot, the corn, aniseed, chili powder, salt put pot, cooked until corn. Put the oil into the pan to heat it, fry the corn until it is slightly crispy, pan the white sugar and add a little water in the other pot, and use a small fire to boil the syrup. The corn kernels are poured into the mixture and the sugar is stuck on the corn kernels. Finally, put vinegar, prickly ash noodles and ginger into the mix. After cooling, turn it into a bag. 3. Characteristics: There are sour, sweet, crispy, fragrant, and spicy tastes. The investment amount is 130-160 yuan, including two pots, one sink basin, one spoon, one colander, and one or two sealing ferrochromes.

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