Cotton seedlings prevent disease fungicides with caution

When the cotton seedlings encounter low temperature and rainy weather, they are vulnerable to germs and cause dead seedlings, especially the damage caused by anthrax and yellow wilt, which can cause irreparable huge losses. Therefore, the disease prevention and treatment of cotton seedlings Disease work can not be ignored. 1. There are two types of bactericides. When choosing bactericides, it is necessary to clarify the nature of bactericides. Fungicides to prevent the onset of plants, also known as protective agents, such as Bordeaux mixture, mancozeb, carbendazim, etc.; pesticides applied after the onset of plants to kill or inhibit pathogens invading plants, also known as therapeutic agents , In the early stage of disease, the effect of application is better, such as antibiotics such as antibiotics, sterile bacteria, and so on. 2. The fungicide should be sprayed at 8 to 9 am and after 4 pm. Spraying at high temperatures in the hot sun is not conducive to crop absorption. The pharmaceuticals are easily decomposed and evaporate quickly. 3, fungicides can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides. Can not arbitrarily increase or reduce the amount of use. The pharmaceutical agent should be used with it. 4. Most of the bactericides are powders, emulsions and suspensions. Before application, they must be diluted and dissolved. The drug should be released first, then the water should be mixed, and then the sticks should be used. When mixed with other pesticides, they should also be diluted with fungicide and mixed with pesticides. 5, the use of fungicide spray interval of 7 to 10 days spray once. For agents with poor adhesiveness and poor systemic absorption, after 3 hours of spraying, it rains, and after the rain, it must be re-sprayed. 6, as soon as possible to restore the growth of diseased cotton seedlings, short-term diseased leaves from yellow to green, robust growth. In the prevention and treatment of diseases at the same time, enhance the resistance of diseased seedlings, can be sprayed with a variety of non-nuclear regulators (foliar fertilizer) for regulation.

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