Early morning vine-panning grape optimization cultivation technology

As early as vine vinegar grape has many advantages such as thick and juicy juice, good taste, good fruit shape, etc., is the top grade in fresh grapes. According to the climate and soil conditions in the suburbs of Beijing, the following optimization techniques can be adopted in planting management techniques: 1. Planting methods: Dig trenches with 80 cm width and 60 cm depth according to the planting spacing, and apply about 3000 kg per mu. For organic fertilizer (eg chicken manure), apply a layer of 30 kg of compound fertilizer 20 cm from the surface and mix well. Colonization is generally arranged from late March to mid-April, and sunny plants should be selected as well. The root colonization of seedlings should not be too deep, and drainage and irrigation work should be done at the same time. Second, soil, fertilizer, water management Caojing grapes fertilization should be given high quality organic fertilizer based on chicken manure. In addition to diligent application of thin fertilizer, in the early spring budding, topdressing 1 nitrogen fertilizer-based precipitating fertilizer, the amount of about 15 kilograms per mu, after germination budding, no more than 2,000 sticks per mu, strong branches left 2 spikes, The branch left 1 ear, and some weak branches did not leave ear, maintaining 2000 spikes per mu, and the ear weight was above 0.75 kg. Fixing shoots can leave 3,000 shoots per acre, leaving 1 ear in medium and long branches, leaving no spikes in weak branches, and retain 2700 ears per acre. The first half of flowering Mushi 1 20 kilograms of branches to promote long-term fertilizer, set fruit, when the large grains of Beans, Mushi first expansion fertilizer (puffed chicken manure 150 kg + compound fertilizer); the second expansion phase Mushi diammonium 35 kg, potash 15 kg. After harvesting in the fall, one fall fertilizer should be re-applied; after defoliation, the orchard should be disinfected with Baume 3 to 5 degrees lime sulfur. Third, shaping, pruning and thinning, thinning fruit, dressing tree shape should be immediately when the grape has 3% flowering top, leaves above the panicle leaves 7 leaves for each branch length, long and strong branches (leave 2 bunches of grapes) top After the growth of the secondary shoots can be left 2, the other leaves grow 4 to 5 leaves after the top, later out of the secondary shoot can be wiped out; Zhongzhi (leaving a bunch of grapes) grow after the top Auxiliary tip can only stay one, after the length of the auxiliary tip grows to three to four leaves and then top, later out of the auxiliary tip can be wiped out. The fruit thinning time should be determined immediately after the fruit is set and the fruit quality can be discerned. The fruit with poor fertilization or long fruit stems should be cut off as soon as possible, leaving uniform and uniform fruit size, usually about 35 to 50 grains per panicle. You can.

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