Japanese Scientists Find Genetically Modified Soybeans to Prevent Hair Loss

Japan has developed a new breed of genetically modified soybean that stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss caused by chemotherapy. If the safety of the new varieties of soybeans is confirmed, many people can reduce baldness. Professor Yoshida Kawada, head of the research team at Kyoto University in Japan, claimed that it is only necessary to eat this kind of soybean regularly. The magical properties of this soybean are due to geneticists implanting it with an anti-hypertensive ingredient, which is made from Amino Acid components of the protein. Scientists pointed out that this ingredient can promote hair growth, dilate blood vessels and promote normal blood circulation. According to the ITAR-Tass news agency, the above-mentioned soybean effect was confirmed in rat experiments. Rats were shaved off with “beard” (beard and body hair), and then they were given GM soybeans, which contained 1,000 mg per gram of body weight. Ingredients of genetically modified soybeans. The recovery of body hair was significantly accelerated. After increasing the rat's consumption, even mice that received chemotherapy did not lose their body hair. Japanese scientists point out that the genetically modified soybeans they cultivate can also be used as common drugs for the treatment of hypertension.

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