Reasons for the slippage of the clutch of the automobile and its remedies

When clutch slip occurs, correct fault analysis should be performed. (1) Causes of slipping of the clutch 1 Excessive wear of the friction plate of the driven plate or exposure of the rivet; 2 The spring of the clutch pressure plate is too soft or broken; 3 The free travel of the clutch pedal

Analysis on the Causes of Uniform Rotation of Two-cylinder Diesel Engines

The unevenness of the rotation speed of the two steel diesel engines and the idling of the horizontal bar, for the diesel engine that does not last long, is mostly an accidental cause. For diesel engines with long working hours, most of them are due to inconsistent wear of the two steel parts.

The processing of strange corn beans

The production of strange-tempered corn beans is a simple and profitable way to make a fortune. It has very little investment, and families or peasant households can spend a few tens of dollars on processing and gradually develop from a small amount of production. The production method of stra

Early morning vine-panning grape optimization cultivation technology

As early as vine vinegar grape has many advantages such as thick and juicy juice, good taste, good fruit shape, etc., is the top grade in fresh grapes. According to the climate and soil conditions in the suburbs of Beijing, the following optimization techniques can be adopted in planting manag

Dry bamboo shoots processing technology

Bamboo bamboo shoots will be listed in large quantities. How to get bamboo shoots to grow bamboo shoots under the premise of keeping bamboo shoots and raising bamboo shoots in order to obtain the best economic benefits is a concern for operators. The processing technology of the special bamboo

Corn sowing seed processing method

First, sowing before planting 2-3 days, can increase the germination rate of about 13%. The second is to control underground pests, with 20% phoxim EC 1 kg water to 40 kg, boring 400 kg. The third is seed dressing or seed dressing. In areas where the underground pests are heavy, and the smut i

Japanese Scientists Find Genetically Modified Soybeans to Prevent Hair Loss

Japan has developed a new breed of genetically modified soybean that stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss caused by chemotherapy. If the safety of the new varieties of soybeans is confirmed, many people can reduce baldness. Professor Yoshida Kawada, head of the research team at Kyoto

Cotton seedlings prevent disease fungicides with caution

When the cotton seedlings encounter low temperature and rainy weather, they are vulnerable to germs and cause dead seedlings, especially the damage caused by anthrax and yellow wilt, which can cause irreparable huge losses. Therefore, the disease prevention and treatment of cotton seedlings Di