Peanut water-saving high-yielding cultivation techniques

First, choose drought-resistant varieties. In drought-resistant varieties, stomata are closed, transpiration is small, water loss is reduced, and thick leaves increase water storage. Drought resistant varieties can be used Lu Hua 14, Lu Hua 9, Lu Hua 10 and so on.
Second, deep plowing liv

Management points for boars in summer

High summer temperatures can lead to a loss of appetite for boars and a decline in their body condition. The breeding and management goals of boars in summer are to maintain body condition, enhance sexual desire, and produce high-quality semen.
1. Reduce heat and heatstroke, increase vent

Fattening feeds should not be fed to sows

In recent years, the development of the feed processing industry has provided convenience for pig farmers to raise pigs. The use of various additives, premixes, concentrates, and batch materials has greatly increased the efficiency of pig farmers. In particular, fattening pig feed can incr

How to buy a pet rabbit?

The purchase of pet rabbits is similar to the purchase of other small animals. It is necessary to choose a healthy, active, appetite, and discharge line that is normal, no secretions from the eyes and nose, and no strange movements when walking.
It is advisable to pay more attention to ge

The prevention and treatment of corn white beetle scarab

First, the morphological characteristics Adult body length 17 to 24 cm, width 9 to 12 mm. Oval, with bronze or bronze luster. The body surface spreads many irregular white velvet spots, and the white velvet spots are mostly wavy. Second, the hazard symptoms of white star beetle adults clustere

The survival rate of heavy goslings in goslings is high

Many farmers have a low survival rate of goslings, mainly due to unscientific feeding tubes. There are six points to keep a good gosling:
1, first water, then eat. After the gosling enters the brooding room, it is necessary to take a rest for 0.5 to 1 hour before the first drinking water

Bupleurum cultivation techniques

Bupleurum is a perennial herbaceous plant in the Umbelliferae family. It enjoys a warm and humid climate, and is resistant to cold, drought, and drought. It is suitable for cultivation in deep, fertile sandy loam. The use of seed propagation or seedling transplanting can be used in production.

Summer digester management five attention

One should pay attention to ground refueling, ground discharge. The addition of new materials to biogas digesters generally requires no more than a peak gas production period, that is, 20 days after start-up, and no more than 30 days at the latest. The biogas digesters that are not "three

Why is the shed rock ginger frequently suffering from bacterial diseases?

“Recently, the bacterial disease of ginger planted in my arch shed has been serious, but the ginger planted in the open air has suffered less. You have to look at what causes this.” said Wang Wang, a farmer in Mingdu Town, Pingdu City, told reporters. . At the same time, when t

Rabbit hair storage method

Rabbit hair has strong adhesion and hygroscopicity, and improper storage can cause agglomeration, yellowing, and brittleness, as well as insect infestation. If rabbit hair fails to be sold for a while, it can be stored for a short time using the following methods.
The box stores a well-dr