Management points for boars in summer

High summer temperatures can lead to a loss of appetite for boars and a decline in their body condition. The breeding and management goals of boars in summer are to maintain body condition, enhance sexual desire, and produce high-quality semen.
1. Reduce heat and heatstroke, increase ventilation, wash water in a timely manner when the temperature is high, and reduce the temperature in the house.
2. The feed is mainly composed of concentrated feed, with a variety of feeds, which not only meets the nutritional needs of the boar, but also satisfies the satiety of the boar and is fed three times in the morning, the middle, and the night. The precision ratio of the feed is controlled in the range of 1:1.5 to 3 to prevent overfeeding and form a hanging belly. In order to grasp the changes in body condition of boars, diets were controlled in time and weighed periodically.
3, single-circle breeding, to prevent each other fighting, climbing.
4. Drive the sport for one hour, or grazing instead of drive.
5, brushing to promote the blood circulation of pigs, keep the skin clean, people and livestock are familiar with each other, is conducive to breeding and management work.

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