Bupleurum cultivation techniques

Bupleurum is a perennial herbaceous plant in the Umbelliferae family. It enjoys a warm and humid climate, and is resistant to cold, drought, and drought. It is suitable for cultivation in deep, fertile sandy loam. The use of seed propagation or seedling transplanting can be used in production.
(1) Seed breeding. Two years after Chaihu was planted, mature seeds were collected in September for drying, threshing, and storage. The seeds were treated for half a month before sowing, and the Bupleurum seeds were soaked in 50-microgram/g 6-BA for 24 hours and then soaked in the container with 1 part of seeds and 3 parts of wet sand. The seeds were sowed 12 days later. Spring sowing or autumn sowing can be, spring sowing in late March, the drill according to the spacing of 30 cm open shallow ditch or sowing by 23-27 cm open shallow points, the treated seeds per acre 0.5-0.75kg and plant ash fully mix, Sprinkle in the shallow hole in the ditch, cover the soil, cover the wheat stem and water it. Autumn sowing in the freezing before sowing, plant spacing and spring sowing the same.
(2) transplanting seedlings. In late March, the treated seeds are broadcast or broadcast. Spread the seeds and make a mess on the finished smashed surface. Spread the seeds evenly on the sorghum surface and cover the soil. Drilling, according to a 10 cm spacing ditch seeding, after sowing cover grass watering. Appeared in about 10 days. When the root diameter of 2-3 mm, root length 5-6 cm when transplanting, choose cloudy days, choose thick, disease-free seedlings spacing by 25 cm spacing 10 cm, with the digging with the plant, immediately after watering, ensure that survive.
(3) Field management.
1 seedling Dingmiao. When the seedling height 10 cm seedlings, such as the lack of timely seedlings.
2 cultivating, weeding and fertilizing. Combining cultivating and weeding for fertilization. When the height of the seedlings is 10 cm, apply light fertilizer once every 10-15 days and apply them 2-3 times in succession. When the height of the seedlings is 33 cm, apply soil and apply concentrated manure and urine water. In the second year, cultivating and weeding were applied 2-3 times.
3 pick buds. The buds and calyxes were removed in time from August to October.
4 irrigation. Before the emergence of the soil to keep the soil moist, after the emergence of a small water pouring, timely watering drought, the rainy season should pay attention to drainage.
(4) Pest control. The major pests and diseases of Radix Bupleuri include root rot, spot blight, root-knot nematode disease, rust, aphids, small tigers, earthworms, and red stripes.
Rhizoma disease prevention and treatment should pay attention to drainage, and grass crops planting. The drug control used carbendazim (50%) 600 times liquid to root control.
The root-knot nematode disease mostly occurred on the land of the newly reclaimed land. When soil preparation, 80% dibromochlorohydrin emulsifiable concentrate was used to disinfect the soil by 1-150 kg/mu. Pay attention to sowing after two weeks of treatment.
Leaf blight, damage leaves, avoid continuous cropping, with 1:1: 120 Bordeaux spray control.
Other pests and diseases can be controlled with the corresponding pesticides.
(5) Harvesting. Harvested 2-3 years after Chai Hu sowing. Cut the roots of the excavated stems, dried, bundled into small bundles, generally 150kg per mu dry goods.

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