Treatment of postpartum uterine insufficiency in cows

One month after birth, the uterus still did not return to normal, which is called incomplete resection or uterine relaxation.

Excessive fetal disease, fetal emphysema, excessive fetal water and other factors lead to excessive expansion of the cow's uterus, dystocia occurs when the uter

How to balance crop nutrients?

How to do crop nutrient imbalance? The lack of nutrients in crops will lead to a "nutrient deficiencies" in the crops, and the "excess" of certain nutrient elements will often lead to the "lack" of another nutrient element, or make the crops crop up. (Insanity) or

How to park correctly when the tractor is not used for a long time

When parking in the summer, the oil and soil on the casing should be cleaned, drained of cooling water, placed in a ventilated, cool and dry place. The tire pressure should not be too high, and the engine part can be covered with canvas.

When parking in winter, when the temperature of

Tractor common fault emergency and maintenance

1, Qiao row of high-pressure tubing wear oil leakage tractor tractor high-pressure tubing at both ends of the nose and the injector, the oil valve leakage wear leakage phenomenon, can be cut from the waste cylinder mat round copper, a small middle The hole is smooth and smooth, and the pad can

Problems to pay attention to when using pig feed

Grasping the standards for pigs: different requirements for the production of pigs and pigs in different stages of growth, the different requirements for nutrients, and therefore should be based on the purpose of production of pigs, age, weight, etc., choose different feeding standards to

Reasons and Prevention Measures of Vegetable Seedlings in Spring

The disease dead seedlings were mainly caused by the seedbed soil, soil nutrient soil not being disinfected or disinfected before sowing, spraying after the emergence of seedlings, improper management of seedbed temperature and humidity, and the occurrence of damping-off and blight. Control me

Pear Shrink

Pear leaf atrophy, also known as pear leaf shrinking, shrinking leaf disease, etc., is a blind eye, thin lice family. Distribution in the country is very common, Hebei Province, Henan Province, Shandong Province, Shanxi Province, Shaanxi Province and other provinces have occurred in the pe

Biological Bacteria Fertilizer Makes Three Key Points

Bio-fertilizer has made a good number of friends. Now that more and more friends are aware of the importance of bio-fertilizer, the application of bio-fertilizer (also known as microbial manure) is compared with the application of conventional fertilizer, and the yield and quality of crops are