Saving Eight Methods of Mulberry Leaf Culture

First, mulberry leaves must be reasonably collected, shipped, and stored. Try to pick the leaves in the morning or evening, and pick them up for free. The reclaimed mulberry leaves must be stored properly to prevent wind or accumulation of heat and deterioration.

Second, the implementation

The Occurrence and Prevention of Spinach Leaf Mould in Protected Areas

The protected spinach is prone to leaf mold due to high humidity and high temperature conditions. The disease mainly damages the leaves, with initially appearing pale yellow spots with inconspicuous outlines on the leaf surface, and then expanding into a nearly round or irregular yellow-brown

How to control rose powdery mildew?

Powdery mildew is one of the most important diseases of the Chinese rose. It damages leaves, young shoots, buds and pedicels. The prevention methods are as follows:

Strengthen the cultivation and management of timely removal of sick bodies; timely pruning, improve ventilation and ligh

The highlights of the cultivation of bamboo jellyfish

The bamboo festival Begonia, also known as Sagittarius Begonia, is a genus of Begoniaceae and Begonia. It is a perennial shrub and is named after bamboo shoots because of its stem section. The surface of the leaves is green, the flowers are bright red, the clusters are sagging, and the gesture

There are many benefits to livestock and poultry

1, pigs feed pumpkin seeds can be insecticide. Feeding pigs with fresh pumpkin seeds can effectively repel aphids. Take roasted pumpkin seeds (without drying) to smash, 300 kg for pigs weighing less than 50 kg, and 500 g for more than 50 kg. The first feeding is performed before eating in the

How much water the pig needs in different stages of growth

Under normal circumstances, pigs must be able to drink water at any time and have sufficient supplies. The following are the recommended flow rates for pigs at different stages of growth;

Water flow rate during growth

Piglets (4.5-6.8 kg) 250-500 ml/min

Growing pigs

Greenhouse vegetables are not immediately ventilated after watering

Some vegetable farmers have to ventilate the vegetables immediately after they are watered to reduce the air humidity in the greenhouses. In fact, this practice is undesirable.

After the watering, the temperature in the shed shall be increased first, and the ventilation shall be provided a

Control valve installation

Proper installation of the control valve is just as important as proper selection. Installation quality is related to the operational performance, control quality, safety and cost of the control system, so it should be taken seriously.

Butterfly valve failures and eliminations

Leakage of the sealing surface 1. The butterfly plate and the sealing ring of the butterfly valve are caught with debris.
2. The butterfly plate and the sealing position of the butterfl

Green vegetable growing technology

The cultivation of green vegetables is the adoption of comprehensive technical measures to prevent diseases, and to create ecological conditions conducive to the growth of vegetables that are not conducive to the occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Scientifically select high-efficiency, l