The Occurrence and Prevention of Spinach Leaf Mould in Protected Areas

The protected spinach is prone to leaf mold due to high humidity and high temperature conditions. The disease mainly damages the leaves, with initially appearing pale yellow spots with inconspicuous outlines on the leaf surface, and then expanding into a nearly round or irregular yellow-brown lesion. When the humidity is high, the back of the diseased part of the leaves grows grayish white and gradually turns gray to dark brown velvety mildew. When the conditions are suitable, the mildew layer grows on the front of the leaves. Finally, the diseased leaves gradually curl or die. Generally spread from the lower leaves of the plant gradually to the onset of the whole plant.

Prevention and control points Seeds soaked in warm water at 52°C for 25 minutes to reduce the initial infusion. Avoid continuous cropping of spinach, plant densely and closely, strengthen field management, promote robust growth of plants, and increase resistance to disease. Prior to planting, 2 grams of sulfur powder and 4 to 5 grams of sawdust were used per cubic meter of space, and smoke was ignited for 24 hours after sealing the greenhouse. In the early stage of disease, if it is rainy or cloudy, use 45% chlorothalonil smoke agent per acre 250g or spray 5% chlorothalonil dust 1kg in the evening, strengthen ventilation and remove moisture, remove diseased leaves and old leaves. This is prevention and treatment Key measures for leaf mold; Spray 40% polysulfide suspension 800 times, or 50% polymyxin wettable powder 1000 times on sunny days. Every 7~10 days, spray 2~3 times.

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