Greenhouse vegetables are not immediately ventilated after watering

Some vegetable farmers have to ventilate the vegetables immediately after they are watered to reduce the air humidity in the greenhouses. In fact, this practice is undesirable.

After the watering, the temperature in the shed shall be increased first, and the ventilation shall be provided after the ground temperature is raised. Because the water temperature will cause the ground temperature to reduce, resulting in the ability of vegetables to absorb water and fertilizers to reduce, and the ground temperature is low on the vegetable hair roots damage is very large, will lead to serious growth and development of vegetables will be blocked. After warming, the ventilation after warming can not only accelerate the recovery of the ground temperature, but also greatly increase the relative air content of the air, which is beneficial to the discharge of moisture in the shed, and is more conducive to reducing the humidity in the shed. The level of temperature has a great influence on moisture evaporation and air relative water content. Under low temperature conditions, the relative air content of air is small, and the relative humidity of air is also easily saturated. In this case, ventilation is difficult to effectively reduce the humidity in the booth.

After watering, the temperature in the shed is appropriately increased, which will not cause any harm to the growth of vegetables, but it will have an inhibitory effect on most of the diseases occurring in the shed. For example, in the winter and spring season, diseases occurring in sheds are mostly low-temperature diseases, and high temperatures are conducive to the suppression of such diseases. In actual production, there are also examples where vegetable farmers use high temperatures to suppress diseases such as downy mildew.

Therefore, the vegetable farmers were reminded that they should not be ventilated immediately after they had finished pouring water, and should be ventilated when the temperature in the greenhouse rose to 33°C (difference between different crops).

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