Butterfly valve failures and eliminations

Leakage of the sealing surface 1. The butterfly plate and the sealing ring of the butterfly valve are caught with debris.
2. The butterfly plate and the sealing position of the butterfly valve are not consistent.
3. The flanges are fitted with flange bolts with or without compression.
4. The pressure test direction is not as required. .

Elimination method 1. Eliminate impurities and clean the inner cavity of the valve.
2. Adjust the limit screw of the actuator such as worm gear or electric actuator. The valve is closed in the correct position.
3, check the fitting flange plane and bolt pressing force, should be evenly pressed,
4. Spinning in the direction of the arrow

Leakage at both ends of the valve 1. The gasket on both sides is invalid.
2. The pipe flange pressing force is uneven or not pressed.

Elimination method:
1. Replace the gasket.
2. Press the flange bolts (even force).

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